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Elena's Models fully employ's its own staff who follow strict procedures when checking profiles of members and manually check every single profile to ensure it's of a high standard. We also listen to the constant feedback from our members. Every team member at Elena's Models works hard on keeping our database clean of scams and scammers of all kinds, and ensure that only genuine people use our site.


The evolution of online dating has grown at an incredible rate. We recognised early that we could not just rely on manual checking of a members profile, phone calls with new members or even one on one interviews. This is why we have continuously developed our own software 5 FORCESTM

At ELENASMODELS.COM, we have round-the-clock security provided by Elena’s Models 5 FORCESTM to help protect you from scams or those with the wrong intentions. If an Elena’s Models analyst identifies any possible suspicious or unusual activity, they will try to contact that particular member to confirm and discuss their activity. If they can't be contacted, the analyst will make a decision on whether to block the account so no member can see it in searches until the matter is clarified.

Elena’s Models avoids the risk of purely automated approaches and capitalises with our analysts, who investigate cases with the help of their intuition, experience, and ability to identify and respond to subtle cues, trends, and new indicators of changing scam tactics. Elena’s Models 5 FORCES™ alert data allows our experts to look across the entire scope of data from a profiles activity, to find patterns of suspicious activity so we can quickly deal with it.

Elena’s Models 5 FORCESTM software is a new generation of development for any dating site. Millions of people are searching or developing online relationships all around the world. We have been a leader since 1999 and will invest heavily into this area of development as we continue to grow to all parts of the world to provide the safest and most genuine dating experience in the industry.

5 FORCEEffective technology to secure, analyse and target scam cues, trends and tactics for genuine online dating

Bringing relationships from an online world into a real world as fast as practical


  • NEVER send money to anyone - it should go without saying but we cannot re enforce this tip enough. Look for signs if your contact has a predisposition towards financial or other misfortunes. If a contact you have recently begun mailing or text chatting with (but never met) suddenly crashes their car, has a uncle who has died or needs an expensive airfare or a lawyer, be on your guard. Here are some other examples:
  • "I want to meet you, but I don't have enough money to travel to see you."
    "I have been robbed and beaten; I require urgent surgery or treatment for a serious illness or myself or my family member has been a victim of a serious or fatal accident and you are the only person who can help.
    "I am stranded abroad and I don't have money for travel or visa costs."
  • Be aware if your new contact quickly gives you a quick pet name or talks of sudden love and attraction. Example, by the second email, you are being addressed as "Dearest handsome I can’t believe how deeply I feel about you", beware – it could be a scammer looking to connect instant intimacy with you.
  • Your new contact talks a lot about herself or himself and does not answer your questions - probably because they are sending standard emails to hundreds of other people at the same time
  • Your contact wants other communication from you but only gives you a post office address and/or a phone number which he or she never answers and which does not have voicemail, or they tell you they can only receive text messages.

What can i do protect myself?

Only use a reputable online dating or chat service and follow the basic safety tips for online dating:

  • Use the online dating company’s internal mail, chat software and video software so you can’t be drawn away from the safety of their anti-scam systems and direct assistance
  • Be sceptical and ask yourself simple questions like: "Why am I the only person who can help them when I have only just met them? Test your new found contact - ask them lots of questions, try to phone them or post them something, or possibly suggest meeting them. If all attempts fail, you are probably dealing with a scammer.
  • Initially always use a separate email address to your normal email address. It helps keep your privacy more secure. Only ever give out your personal contact details if you are completely confident and fully prepared to do it.
  • Watch out – if your contact is quickly pushing you to a fondness for Windows Messenger, SKYPE or similar applications: we are aware that dating sites are increasingly conscious of such cons; the perpetrators can be keen to continue their wooing elsewhere. So stick to the safety of the dating sites chat or video chat, once you’re off the site your risk goes up. Our website is secure and using it’s communication tools keeps all of your other details private

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