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Elenas Models — About Us

Elenas Models helps people connect since 1999.

Our specialty is providing a safe and secure place to meet for Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European women and western men. Upload your profile, and start browsing and contacting members in just minutes!

Facts about Elenas Models

  • More than 2 million profiles since 1999
  • Our clients live in 200+ countries
  • Thousands of real-life success stories
  • Featured in multiple TV programs and media all over the world
  • Value-packed cost-effective packages
  • Leading scam protection system
  • Real relationships that survive the test of time

Over the years, ElenasModels.com has grown to be one of the largest and most respected international dating sites in the world.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is, "Why settle when you can have so much more in a relationship". Since 1999, we have had more than 2 million profiles on the site, and thousands of happy couples. Our members, men and women, live in more than 200 countries of the world.

You don't have to limit your choices to people who live in your city. On Elenas Models, you can contact thousands of genuine women who are beautiful, intelligent and sensual. Join thousands of our success stories worldwide. These couples have never given up on their dreams, and found the love they dreamed about!


Elenas Models provide a great system to make dating a fun and exciting experience. It's easy to contact other members, communicate and take your relationship from the online dating platform into the real world.

Member facilities:
  • Internal system of Expressions of Interest (EOI) - find out if the other person is interested in hearing from you before writing to them
  • Instant messaging — live chat and video chat
  • Email — send a message and attach a photo through the site, without disclosing your personal contact information
  • Download direct contact information — Platinum and Ultimate members can instantly download direct email addresses and phone numbers of women*
  • Free built-in multi-language online translator — translate your messages instantly to the most popular languages, including English and Russian

We are a service-oriented company. Our customer support is always prompt, friendly and effective. If you have a question or need help, our experienced team will be happy to assist you. Your emails and phone calls are always welcome.

However, we are not the type of company that holds your hand and drives clients in buses on love tours. Our approach is best suited to independent thinkers, adventurers, and travellers who realize the world is very big but also very small. We give you the platform to meet genuine, sincere people, and establish a connection. We also give a lot of local information and tips on how to meet on our blog and Facebook page. But we do not censor messages on the site or provide guaranteed responses from women.


At Elenas Models we believe that finding true love does not have to cost a fortune. We provide all-inclusive membership packages and unrestricted communication.

This means, we do not bill "per letter" or "per minute", and when you join as a member, everything is unlimited: EOI's, mails, chat or video chat. The free built-in online translator is included to make your communication simple and enjoyable. There are no hidden costs. All our prices are upfront, providing possibly the best value in the industry.

Compared to pay-per-letter websites, ElenasModels.com will cost up to 10 times less to meet women and build a great relationship with Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European ladies. You also will enjoy more privacy and the ability to share contact information and take your relationship off the site at any time.

Scam protection

Years on the forefront of the international online dating industry resulted in deep insights and knowledge, allowing us to build one of the best scam protection systems. Our proprietary cutting edge anti-scam technology provides comprehensive shield and security to our users, men and women.

We have worked hard to develop extensive online systems and screening processes to eliminate people joining with wrong intentions, otherwise known as scammers. At ElenasModels.com our own staff, fully employed by Elenas Models around the globe, undertake one-on-one interviews and checks daily. We have zero tolerance to people who try to take advantage of other people and any types of scams.

Payment security

Payment facilities are secured by the very best and latest technologies by “GEO Trust” that employs the latest encryption technologies. We never store any payment details and Elena’s Models has no access to your payment information. We also provide the option to pay via PayPal the world’s leading online payment system.

* Where members made them available for instant download

International Dating- finding true love

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    Our love story began on your web-site in Nov. 2005. We were ...
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Please browse through the many beautiful and amazing stories (for free) from people who have made their dreams come true and found the one they love. We have had 1000's of success stories since 1999 and we are proud to share these online with you.
Contacting Elena’s Models

Should you have any questions about Elena’s Models, or have questions about Russian or Ukrainian ladies, we’ll be glad to answer any inquiries you might have.

Many of our success stories come from women and men who joined after a friend told them how it worked for them. After 13 years in business it’s not surprising we have out lasted most other dating sites when so many customers have recommended us to others.

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