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22 Nov 2016

Dear team at Elena's Models,

Thank you very much for your warm ...

Michael & Yana (Austria & Ukraine)
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  • 31 Oct 2016

    Irina ( Russia )  &  James (United States)

    I would like to tell my happy story of meeting my husband on your wonderful website. I am from Russia, at the time I lived in St. Petersburg, and my future husband is from Canada, he lived and worked in Seattle, USA. I registered on the site at the end of September 2015. Frankly speaking, I didn't hope to meet my destiny. I started to chat to a couple of guys and s Read More

  • 26 Sep 2016

    Max ( Mexico )  &  Anastasia (Russia)

    I remember I was in the site for just 2 says only when I got an expression of interest from my beautiful Anastasia, I read her profile and everything seemed so perfect for me, I really liked what she wrote but also I just completely fell in love with her beautiful grey eyes, I QUICKLY replied after feeling so lucky that such perfect girl would be interest Read More

  • 31 Aug 2016

    Lyudmila ( Ukraine )  &  Jari (Finland)

    The time has come to tell you about our happy end. By "us" I mean Jari and myself. Some time ago he was just an unknown man from the website of Elena's Models, and now... But let's start from the beginning.

    It all began a year ago in 2015, as usual, from likes and a request to be friends. When I received his positive answer, I started to write letters. Imagi Read More

  • 21 Jun 2016

    Nata ( Ukraine )  &  Gilbert (USA)

    Dear Tamara and administrators of the site! Thank you for your congratulations and kind wishes! My name is Natasha, I am 41. I am from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Many of my girlfriends do not believe that one can meet on this site a decent man to connect their destiny with. But my story is a real example that there are soul mates, possibly, people live in different c Read More

  • 17 Jun 2016

    Robert ( United States )  &  Alexandra (Russia)

    Dear Elena's Models, 

    We wanted to thank you for our success. June 12, 2015 marks a year to the day my wife and I began corresponding through your website. We corresponded through email for several months before moving on Skype. She invited me to Russia to meet her and in September 2015 I travelled to do so. We had a wonderful Read More

  • 15 Jun 2016

    Vera ( Kazakstan )  &  Tom (Canada)

    Finally, we too can add our story to Elena's site collection. Tom and I found each other here! Honestly, I had big doubts, not that I am picky, but I wanted something special... Also my English was rather average. And here came HIM, and instantly taken me with his sense of humor! The same day I printed out his photo and showed to my friends with a firm announcement Read More

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