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Elena’s Models Video Chat

Private and secure, it allows you to meet women online and talk to them in real time. Platinum members enjoy unlimited video chat facilities with any lady on the site, ensuring your scam-free contact with Russian and Ukrainian girls.

Advantages of Elena’s Models Video Chat :

  • Instantly connect with any woman on the site
  • Face-to-face communication
  • FREE for Platinum and Ultimate members (or may be purchased separately)
  • NO need to download any software
  • Private and secure
  • NO pay-per-minute — it's UNLIMITED!

Online dating may feel unreal without a personal contact. When talking to women who live in Russia and Ukraine, it is a great advantage to be able to connect to them in real time with no hassle. Simply send a chat request to any lady, and once accepted, start communicating instantly when she is online.

Sometimes you may need to set up a special time to talk to someone in a different time zone. However, with girls who are online now, you can start chatting within seconds. Russia alone has 11 time zones, so when some women are asleep, others are already awake.

How much does it cost?

Video chat is included for all Platinum and Ultimate members. It can also be purchased separately at the cost of only $30 per contact, which includes multiple, unrestricted video sessions with any woman of your choice on ElenasModels.com.

Platinum membership packages cost from $58.25 per month and offer unlimited communication with any lady on the site through all available means: mails, text and video chat, plus it also allows you to download direct contact details of Russian and Ukrainian women, such as email addresses and phone numbers. With thousands of people online daily, costs of contacting one person will be less than $1. Exchange hundreds of messages at no extra cost!

Compare this with pay-per-letter (PPL) websites that charge for every mail or message received, or every minute of video chat. Sharing of direct contact information is allowed on Elena’s Models, so if you wish to take your communication off the site, you can do it at any time.

What if I don't speak Russian or Ukrainian?

Most women on ElenasModels.com can speak English, and many ladies also speak other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, German, or French. You can also use the text chat system to simultaneously send her messages, translated to Russian or Ukrainian. In other words, you can have your own "captions" for your video chat sessions by using the free built-in multi-language translator on the site.

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