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30, New Orleans, United States

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Hello, I suppose i should start with the why I'm here. I'm a semi-young professional, who doesn't have the time, nor interest to waste chasing vapid drunk women around bars anymore. Furthermore, through extensive trial and error, I have concluded American women are not for me. there's a few reasons for this, some to do with them, others are a reflection of my self. I've have minimum experience dating and conversing with Europeans, in college: living with Austrians, dating one, and knowing a few Russian art students. I seemed to connect with them on ideological terms much more profoundly than my fellow American fellows.
As i said I am a young professional, currently i provide infrastructure support to nationwide realtors and restaurant franchises, in an I.T. capacity. I am also working on a few prototypes for varies start up companies with groups that I have made through college and my professional career. this are mostly all in the beginning stages and nothing to brag about. but, it gives you an idea of how focused i am on making a life for myself and someday my partner and our family.
when I do get a chance to cut loose, I like to cut loose, I'm very big into musical concerts and festivals, and will travel across the states to see a band on my list. for a chill night out, you can find me strolling the jazz clubs in new orleans. Live music recharges my soul. And I truly have no preferance, from garth brooks, to yeezy, to jerry lee louis, to big sam and the funky nation, to system of a down, gambino, aron chupa, the list goes only forever. Hobbies otherwise:kayaking, paintball, archery, target shooting, and of course video games. Of coarse, i spent my fair share of time glued to the tv also, a mans gotta rest.
Beyond how I fill my days, I'd like to explain who I am, and some of my story. I was raised, dirt poor, by my grandfather, a man who grew up sleeping in a barn with his brothers, because other the girls were allowed to sleep inside. he was a an army vet, then spend 26 years seriving as a police officer by day, and a mechanic by night, sparing what moments he could for his six children. but they never went hungry, and my grandmother, though she pasted when I was young, was the most loving woman I've ever known. after her death, it was me, and this now retired man, who had never taken a moments rest in his life. and had no clue how to raise a boy. so we worked, every day, raking leaves, cutting grass at all the rental properties he amassed. When pecan season came around, we would climb atop this two story building he owned, who's rough was caving in, and we would gather the pecans, and cling down, sacks in hand. and he'd let me sell then and keep the profit. we'd collect aluminum cans for scrap yards and sell then, not because he need the money, he was pensioned by then. but because if there was one thing he could pass on to this little boy about life, it was the value of a good days sweat, and that, I have to say he was successful at.
Forgive my long mindedness, it's the political scientist in me.
And this whole ramble is just to illustrate, that though i am a millennial american, used to living in a land where its just expected that you will succeed, I was raised by a man from a bygone era, and era where american had to fight to scrap and to work to survive. And if that's something you value in a partner, take a chance on getting to know me. I'm postive there are more than a few delightful surprises.
AS to what I'm searching for in a partner, I find it counterproductive to list out a bunch of generalizations. if i had to pick one or two, loyalty, not just the cookie cutter kind. the mature loyalty that comes from a traditional and realistic understanding, that marriage is about love, passion, compatibility, communication, and compromise. I really and truly only ever want to get married once, like my grandparents, and I want someone who is willing to be tough if things get hard, and fight for the success of our team.

that's all I got for now.

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ENTP-t, using the sixteen personalities scale I'm "the debater".
my primary functional mode is Ne, extroverted perception, which is a fancy way of saying, my mind is constantly searching for new information, novel experiences, and fresh ideas. My secondary function is essentially a logical stress test for this info. which, can really bug some people, because I can always find the logical breaking point of whatever your position is. The kicker is, I will do that whether i believe you are right or not. My brain doesn't process information as "true" or "untrue" but instead as logically sound or lacking...I'm babbling here because i do find this to be a real throne in some peoples sides. I'd like to say though, I'm pretty self aware, and while i may love to intellectually battle over the theoretical merits of socialist collective bargaining, or the rational inherent in humans natural urge to enact violence, i swear, I'm not some preachy harping know it all.


English: Fluent


Profile Id E2147740718
Star sign Sagittarius
Height 183 cm / 6'0''
Weight 100 kg / 220 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Hair Length Short
Ethnicity White/European
Marital status Never Married
Children No
Wants Children Yes, if my future partner wants children
Education University
Profession Information technology
Occupation Field Specialist
Religion non observent catholic
Smoking Yes
Drinking Socially

I Am Looking For A Woman

Age 18 to 35
Ethnicity White/European, Hispanic, Asian