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66, Gig Harbor, United States


Personal Message

I am getting a divorce from my wife (her choice) but do not want to live alone for the rest of my life, so I plan to look for someone else after the divorce  My strongest interests are books and reading, and music, especially classical (I play piano.)  I also speak some Russian and have an interest in learning more and learning more about Russian/Ukrainian culture.  I also might be interested trying to live in Russia or Ukraine.  I make my living by trading stocks in the US financial markets, so with a good internet connection, I can live elsewhere.  I have about 9 years of university education primarily in economics, finance, and law.

Interests more

Books, Music & Concerts, Russian language and culture, Playing piano, Travelling, Movies, History, Going to the beach, Learning new things


I am a serious person.  I have worked hard and overcome a number of setbacks to achieve a comfortable life.  My path in life has been unconventional.   I'm an adaptable person who's traveled extensively in the US and a few places beyond, and lived in many different places  I like to listen to music and play piano, read, acquire new information, think about the world and what goes on in it and why, and have intelligent discussions with thoughtful people who also enjoy using their minds.  At the same time, I also can have fun and enjoy life and different activities.  Since I work out of my home, I'm around my house a lot.  Anyone looking for a "life-of-the-party" kind of person will likely be disappointed with me, as will someone for whom it is important to acquire and/or display lots of material things to impress other peple. I make up my own mind about things, and care little whether others agree with me or not but also try not to be rude or obnoxious.  I am looking for someone who will love and care for me as much as I will her, to build a good and fulfilling life together.


English: Fluent , Russian: Basic , French: Basic , German: Basic , Spanish: Basic


Profile Id E2148097800
Star sign Aquarius
Height 186 cm / 6'1''
Weight 92 kg / 202 lbs
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length Medium
Ethnicity White/European
Marital status Married/Separated
Children 2 children; boy (2004) and girl (2006)
Wants Children Yes, if my future partner wants children
Education University
Profession Finance
Occupation Retired Investor
Religion N/a
Smoking No
Drinking Socially

I Am Looking For A Woman

Age 33 to 50
Ethnicity White/European