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64, St Nizier Du Moucherotte, France


Personal Message

** only for a Lady willing to join me, after some serious dating, in a beautiful house in the French Alps (no vatnik /VVP supporter please) **

ME : elegant, energetic, polymath, sensual Frenchman, an original mix of traditional, modern and international lifestyle, whose heart is in Isere, in the French Alps, his native Upper Alsace and elsewhere (USA; DACH; PL, RU, UA, E). I live ''above'' Grenoble, at the entrance of the Vercors natural park (2-3 months of light snow), in a beautiful, large and romantic house and location. Not far from Paris, Lyon and Geneva, CH (3h TGV from Paris, and 2h by car for the 2 latter cities).

I look rather young (main picture from April 2023), and have a slim figure (no beer, no spirits, no smoking, etc), and a high libido :) —.

I work from home (in Cybersecurity software sales leadership position) and travel occasionally to Paris or Western Europe.

BTW, i worked and invested 100K+ from 2019-2021 to fully renovate my house, to possibly open a bed and breakfast (2 or 3 rooms), but this project is now frozen - because i have no time for this, with my new International Sales job. However, this may change and turn into your first  (part time) job, and accelerate your integration into French society. Until you find a more interesting and financially rewarding position ( will help with CV, job hunting, funding of French lessons at Grenoble University, etc) .

Practicalities: since i raised my twin boys in shared custody for 7 years, i am very independent: i go food shopping 2+ times/week, i know to create healthy and delicious meals (batch cooking over the week end...sometimes), i do clean and manage my house  + property, i have a laundry room (washing machine + dryer) and i iron too ! . I plan to install my 1st (vacuum cleaning) robot at Xmas, and may be buy a 2nd one soon.. And am thinking to hire a Home Services lady (1 day x 15 days).  

I have a thirst for Love, Tenderness and Sensuality, and am eagier to find You !

YOU : an intelligent, honest, healthy, good, communicative, warm and curious Lady, age 44-60, curvy and feminine, with a healthy sexual appetite and curiosity. A lady who knows to give, receive and share, who enjoys the pleasures of the brain, the body and life, with curiosity and passion, without excess. A lady who may, thanks to her open mind, also enjoy naturist holidays with me in southern France  (Mont Ventoux) !

A lady who can balance Personal and Family interests (not a princess or child, who thinks Me, Me and Me, and not a Bounty / wealth hunter either) !

A lady mature enough to understand and handle his male partner' professional priorities. And also his role as an engaged citizen (eg. president of a high-school parents association, for the Isere krai ; support to French chapters of free Russian and Ukrainian groups).

The counterpart of a rather comfortable life, esp. after i retire in 2026 or 2028. And of a relationship which values quality vs. quantity.

A lady whose job in France will be fulfilling (I will help you adapt and co-fund your French lessons). And help you land a good job.

A lady who wants to create a long-term and fufilling Love story (in my family, men live a healthy life close to 100 !; my father is 88)..  

THE TWO OF US : a life for us and a bit for our respective families/children, a life made of ups (many) and as few downs as possible (let's be realistic), where hard work, love, tenderness, listening skills, tolerance and open mindness have a key role. For ordinary moments (many) and extra-ordinary (will share once relation is building up).

My heart, house and my two cats are waiting for you !

Requirements (требования)
1  Age: only interested by mature ladies ( age 44-60 ).

2  EU residency papers:you have them or you may quickly get them ( like UA ladies who can stay for a long time, and do not need to be married to get residency).  See also herunder item #4.

3 Values : you are NOT a vatnik, not a Putin fan or from a siloviki family. I support and help Russian and Ukrainian refugees and freedom fighters, with my time and money (eg. Novaia Gazeta).

4 Marriage :  I do not plan to remarry  – mariage is too rigid and divorce too costly - hence the above listed residency requirements . Reason: my 2nd wife is a Russian ''estate hunter'' but she will not prevail ! For you, i will arrange a good  health, professional and financial protection.

Last but not least, let me be realistic re: Marriage: if you are not from the EU,  you can only work here if i marry you (UA ladies are authorized to work because of the war at home). So we will sign a prenuptial agreement or wedding contract. This way, i protect my 2 children ...and you protect yours.

5 Common language is a must : English or German or French. Sorry I only speak 50 words of Polish or 20 words of Russian.

PS: sorry if the above is very down to earth, harsh and unromantic, but this way, you can see i am VERY Serious, Motivated and Experienced.  FYI, i met my previous wife on THIS site, and LIKE a lot Elenas Models ! :)  Paka, paka !

Interests more

Rock: Rammstein, Scorpions, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Deep Purple, Klaus Schulze, TD
Classic and opera: Mozard, Bethoven, Stravinsky, Tchaikovskly, Chostakovitch, Chopin, Verdi, Rossini, Radetzky, Strauss
Politics and Economics, Wealth creation and management.
Festivals and fairs: in villages and large cities (Munich Oktober Fest; Venice carnival and more!).
Nature and Ecology.
Philanthropy, inc. helping RF and UA refugees and freedom fighters.
Estate /house management .incl. gardening, DIY.
Sports: hikes, mountain bike, table tennis, volley ball.
Cars, car races and car technologies.


Talkative, nice, energetic, curious; hard working and ambitious. Very analytical but also able to be concise and go to the point.


English: Fluent , Russian: Don't Speak , French: Fluent , German: Fluent , Spanish: Basic , Dialect from Alsace (like Swiss German 😍)


Profile Id E2148694385
Star sign Cancer
Height 174 cm / 5'8''
Weight 82 kg / 180 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Grey
Hair Length Very Short (2-3 cm)
Ethnicity White/European
Marital status Married/Separated
Children Twin boys born 2004 (19 in Dec 2023), living with French Polish mother, but i see and talk to them a lot (just 15mn by car from my home). Am a devoted father who cares about the well being and success of my young adult children !

I will of course give love, time and energy to your child/children too !
Wants Children No
Education University
Profession Director
Occupation European Sales Director
Religion Atheist (ex Catholic)
Smoking No
Drinking Socially

I Am Looking For A Woman

Age 44 to 60
Ethnicity Not Important, White/European, Hispanic, Asian, African/Black, Multiracial, Other