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41, Dublin, Ireland


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Dear Future Wife,

Long distance relationships are difficult.

You have to really really want it.

It requires a lot of effort to get to know the person.

Writing letters and emails , chatting by whatsapp, facetiming and skyping.  

Cultural differences can be problematic. Culture isn't just about the things we can see. It's not just about the national dish, the fashions people wear, the gods they worship, or even the places they live. Culture is for the most part invisible; we hardly even notice it until we're forced to step outside and see it from a new perspective. A large amount of what we do, say, think, believe and to some extent, feel - is shaped by the culture we come from. From a young age, information we absorb from the world around us influences our ideas about how to behave our sense of self-worth
our thoughts about what's right and what's wrong our aspirations and interests
our values - the importance of things in life (i.e. family/money/freedom) understanding of our individual places in society ideas about birth, life and death.

Particular challenges faced by people in cross cultural relationships are
coping with religious differences a possible persons loss of identity if they move to a new country daily disagreements over small things - cooking, hygiene, standards, rituals etc.
Different ideas about the meaning of love, family and relationships
Different methods of dealing with conflict and possible unsupportive families.

Unsupportive family on my side will not be an issue. I have a huge and very loving family. They will love you as much as I will. ( well maybe not as much as I will love you ! )

For a long distance relationship you have to really open up and express yourself. Which is difficult. I know its difficult but it must be done. Your heart could be broken but it's a risk that you and I must take.

You must tell who it is you are , the good things about yourself and the bad things.

You have to want to be a partner and you have to really want a partner.

You have to compromise with the other person and meet them in the middle.

You have to understand and respect the person.

You must be able to give in your words and letters or emails as much as I would give to you.

The exchange between us cannot be one sided.

It must be mutual and it must flow from you towards me as it will from me towards you.

It should not be an effort.

It is also a decision.

A decision only you can make.

To focus on a person , really focus on them and try and understand them.

Invest your time in them. Invest your emotions and heart in them.

This is very different to send small messages to lots of different people and hoping to connect with them.

You must open yourself and make that connection from your heart to the other persons heart.

This is hard very hard but it's not impossible.

Life is short. Life is long. Choose correctly and when you choose - Let yourself go.

Interests more

Swimming, books, cooking, weight training & conditioning, going to the beach, spending time with family & friends.

Owner; AFEC International Owner; Solaris International Group


I am an Engineer I am a Commodity Trader I am a Philosopher, I am a son I am a brother I am an uncle I was a lover, I am a traveller I am a friend ,I am a poet I am a swimmer I am an athlete,
I am a director I am a proprietor, I am me.

I try to lead a balanced life however I always challenge myself, when I feel that some part of my life has gotten too comfortable to live with. I then change things by learning new. This is how I grow.

I want to meet someone similar who is curious and fascinated with all that this World & Life has to offer.

I don't fit in a box and I am all of the above that I have stated.

I am honest.

I am protective & have great strength.

I was raised in a very loving and giving family.

I am confident but have the frailties that every human has and am grateful to have them.

I genuinely like people for all their greatness & all their flaws.

I couldn't exist without my smile

I am kind and I practice kindness day to day & day by day.

I am rarely in bad mood because I own my own life.


English: Fluent , Russian: Basic


Profile Id E2147556799
Star sign Sagittarius
Height 186 cm / 6'1''
Weight 85 kg / 187 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond
Hair Length Short
Ethnicity White/European
Marital status Never Married
Children No
Wants Children Yes
Education University
Profession Chartered Structural Engineer
Occupation Engineer/Company Director
Religion Christian
Smoking No
Drinking Socially

I Am Looking For A Woman

Age 26 to 34
Ethnicity Not Important, White/European, Hispanic, Asian, Multiracial