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41, Dublin, Ireland

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A girl that I can make smile every morning when I wake up beside her. A girl I can make breakfast for and make sure she is happy and healthy. A girl I can listen too and reason with when her emotions get the better of her. A girl I can cook for and with. A girl I can listen to, to understand her deepest fears and also her most treasured dreams. A girl that I can take care of when she is sick , try to remedy her body and ease her mind. A girl whose back I can rub so as to sooth her too sleep. A girl to love. I will do these things because I am strong and I have passion in my life.

Interests more

Swimming, books, cooking, weight training & conditioning, going to the beach, spending time with family & friends.

Owner; AFEC International


I am a Poet , I am an Engineer I am a Commodity Trader I am a Philosopher, I am a son I am a brother I am an uncle I was a lover, I am a traveller I am a friend , I am a swimmer I am an athlete,
I am a director I am a proprietor, I am me.

I try to lead a balanced life however I always challenge myself, when I feel that some part of my life has gotten too comfortable to live with. I then change things by learning new. This is how I grow.

I don't drink alcohol much maybe once every couple of weeks. I want to meet someone similar who is also just curious and fascinated with all that this World & Life has to offer.

I don't fit in a box and I am all of the above that I have stated.

I am honest.

I am protective & have great strength which even scares me sometimes.

I was raised in a very loving and giving family.

I am confident but have the frailties that every human has and am grateful to have them.

I genuinely like people for all their greatness & all their flaws.

I couldn't exist without my smile

I am kind and I practice kindness day to day & day by day.

I am rarely in bad mood because I own my own life.

Poem One


Searching eyes,
She presents in a guise
Aloof, strong,
Grasping this life she is

Her face of blossoming spring,
To the past
She clings steadfast
Against her will
That great bastille detains

Charging across rough seas
New lands I seek, Make War
Release this venom from within
Shriek & Wail against that wall
On My hands and Knees, just crawl
Turn my back on you all

Morning light ,body waken
Soft feet touching wood
What to do with this World of mine
Mist Clearing, Pain disappearing
Soul now breathing , Face this World I will

Stepping stones,
Purple Tones,
The beauty of my existence
About to unfold
Time to cease my Sun……

Poem Two written Christmas Eve morning;


I don't know where my heart is this Christmas
Maybe it is on Vacation
Maybe its lost
Maybe someone stole it,
Maybe it is inside my chest but doesn't beat anymore
Maybe its possible that she just borrowed it and she will give it back to me when she is done with it,
I wonder, if she gives it back to me, will she restart it?
Will she know how too?
Now I remember
All she has to do is look at me and it will start to beat again.

Poem Three:


In the midst of a storm
A tree crying to be free
Dying to take its true form
Leaves falling, bark brittle
Feeling Little
Strong chutes from its unyielding roots
Grace the grasslands
The core a Heartwood Pillar


English: Fluent , Russian: Basic


Profile Id E2147556799
Star sign Sagittarius
Height 184 cm / 6'0''
Weight 85 kg / 187 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond
Hair Length Short
Ethnicity White/European
Marital status Never Married
Children No
Wants Children Yes
Education University
Profession Chartered Structural Engineer
Occupation Engineer/Company Director
Religion Christian
Smoking Sometimes
Drinking Socially

I Am Looking For A Woman

Age 26 to 38
Ethnicity Not Important