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39, Novosibirsk, Russia

Active last 24 hrs

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Hi, my name is Elena, my birthday is 04/25/1985, I am 38 years old, I was not married, I have no children. I was born and raised in Russia, in cold Siberia, where it is winter for half a year )) I don’t like cold )) Since childhood I have said that storks made a mistake with country when they delivered children )) probably then I already felt that I wanted to live in another country )) For me, paradise is the sun and the sea, it makes me 80% happy )) good, warm weather, nature, in this case I want to live on the street )) I just can't breathe air in my city, because for six months I can not walk normally in our climate..
At school I studied English and French, in those days travel was not popular, but our French teacher told and showed so much about France, I was delirious and dreamed of France )) I remember that, these were strong emotions )) and, my the dream has not yet come true )) I don't remember French, but I want to start learning again )) and English somehow remained in my memory )) for which I am very happy,)) in the same way, while I was watching some Turkish TV shows and films, I realized that I know Turkish words )) I'm good at languages )) therefore, I am learning Turkish )) I also want to learn Italian, Spanish )) I really like languages, travel, everything new - I feel great emotions from this when you are happy like a child ))
I am emotional and there is no need to be afraid of that!! In this you need to find pluses, and if there are minuses, they are negligible )) There are no ideal people!! So, I'm almost perfect )) I am sensitive, sensual, gentle, affectionate, I really love romance!! I apologize, but, I have a loud voice since birth )) I have a lot of emotions, feelings, love, and I have no one to give all this.. I really want to!! I know how to love very much!! And, I need a man who can accept all my emotions, feelings, love in large quantities )) I am a tactile person, I will hug, kiss, hold the hand a lot )) If you get tired and you have a lot, then you will urgently need helpers to share my love )) it can be children and a dog )) The dog is another miracle that makes me very happy!! And, there is no choice )) This is a golden retriever ))
The main dream, I can't even say where it comes from.. maybe from the movies )) I am a romantic, I love everything beautiful.. I dream of living in my own house, with a large garden, and the top of my dream is next to the sea, the ocean!! This is 100% HAPPINESS!! From you - a house and trees )) From me - flowers in the garden )) comfort, cosiness in the house and always a delicious smell of food )) a lot of warmth and love )) so that you always want to home!! But!! Promise me not to stay at home!! Always )) While we are young, I want to walk and travel a lot!! ))
I want to draw your attention to an important point, I almost constantly smile and laugh, this does not mean that I am not an adult and not serious!! And I'm not ready for a serious relationship, I'm ready and really want it!! I love to smile and laugh, it makes me happy ))
I am a happy person, my parents are alive, healthy, I have a brother and his family, to become the happiest in this world, on this planet, so that I would like to jump and shout to the whole world, about how happy I am, I don't grabs the Man of My Dreams. After all, dreams must come true, and We must fight for them.
I don't want to look like a typical girl, but I can't keep quiet about it )) this is important for me )) I didn't go to kindergarten, I sat at home and walked in heels, probably all days )) I don't remember much from my childhood, but, I remember how my mother bought me as many as 10 rings for all my little fingers, and I walked out of the store with my fingers raised, because they were not my size )) of course, I quickly lost them.. but, these emotions!! For all life and to tears )) my fingers are still the smallest size )) What has changed since childhood?? Nothing!! I still enjoy heels, dresses and jewellery ))
I am a very versatile person )) I go to the gym )) to yoga, to crossfit, to boxing )) I roller-skate, ice skate, ski ))
Favorite flowers - red roses.
Favorite colors - Fuchsia, Red, Black - classic.

What should my man be like??
In the first place - emotions, feelings, love, reciprocity.
Further, joint desires, dreams.
I am strong )) faithful, devoted, I can be a good partner. If there is a war, I will go with you!! ))
But, during my loneliness, I am so tired of being strong )) I already want to relax, to be weak, next to a strong man whom I can trust. I just want to be a happy woman.
I am looking for a serious relationship, a man who is not afraid of responsibility. Nothing keeps me in my city, I am ready to leave at any moment.
Let's grow old together ))

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I wrote everything in one place ))



English: Fluent , Russian: Fluent

Travel Availability

Will travel for a meeting internationally

Ready To Relocate


Seeking in Relationship

Long term relationship, Marriage
Profile Id E2148249577
Star sign Taurus
Height 165 cm / 5'4''
Weight 43 kg / 94 lbs
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blond
Hair Length Medium
Ethnicity White/European
Marital status Never Married
Children No
Wants Children Yes, if my future partner wants children
Profession Psychologist
Occupation Unemployed
Religion N/a
Smoking No
Drinking Socially

I Am Looking For A Man

Age 30 to 45
Ethnicity White/European