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Why Marry Ukrainian Women?

"Why marry a Ukrainian woman?"

If you decided you want to get married, the next step is to find a woman who wants to marry you. 

Although there is a notion that all women want to get married, the reality is that not all women want to get married and among the women who do want to get married, not all women want to get married to you.

And from the women who want to get married to you, you probably won't want to marry most of them and the ones that you would marry, how on earth would you meet them and find out?

The world is full of single men and single women and according to the latest research, there are about 7 billion people, half of whom can be your potential marriage partners.

WOW!!! Have you ever thought about that, your marriage prospects may not be limited to your town and the women you meet at work or through friends? There is a huge big world out there full of amazing women who you probably wll never get to meet, unless you realize there is a lot of fish in the sea.... and then DO something about it.

And this is why any man would consider marrying a Ukrainian woman... just because you can!

And if you still need a reason why marry a Ukrainian woman, here is the list for you:

  1. Ukrainian women are beautiful. They have those lovely Slavic faces with high cheekbones, small noses and plump lips. Cute! (Many models on European podiums are Ukrainian and the sexy Mila Kunis is Ukrainian, what else evidence do you need? Would you marry Mila Kunis? The girl in the previous James Bond movie was a Ukrainian model, too.)

  2. Ukrainian women are family oriented. This means, they value marriage as such and will make good wives. And who doesn't want one?

  3. Ukrainian women are white. If you like Caucasian women, Ukraine and Russia are about the only places where you can meet white women when seeking love globally.

  4. Ukrainian women are accessible. By saying that I don't mean that Ukrainian women are easy; it simply easy to meet them because you do not need a visa to visit Ukraine if you are from the European Union or the USA (as opposed to that, you do need a visitor's visa to visit Russia).

  5. Ukrainian women like western men. Maybe this is because there are only 87 men for 100 women in Ukraine, or maybe because western men respect women more - we aren't here to give reasons, just the facts.

  6. Ukrainian women are femiline and love taking care of themselves. Again, we aren't here to give reasons why. Maybe because it's hard to get a man with the fierce competition for eligible bachelors among Ukrainian women or maybe because it's the cultural paradigm. If you like the way women were dressed in "Sex and The City", you will definitely like the way Ukrainian women carry themselves.

  7. You can get a better quality woman in Ukraine than at home... This should have been the reason #1 but we saved the best for last! If local women that you want to marry don't want to marry you, have a look in Ukraine; you may be surprised at what you can get!

Good luck!

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Ukrainian Woman's Success Story:
"EM was the only site I found to be honest and trustworthy"

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Dear Elena,

A quick note to tell you about another success using your agency.

Larysa and I met through in February 2009. We corresponded through email and talked on the telephone for several months before I flew to Ukraine for our first face to face encounter. We spent 10 days together, 3 in Kiev and 7 in Sevastopol. Larysa speaking little English and myself not knowing Russian! We found that we could communicate without much problem. The key was patience. The trip solidified our relationship and I proposed to Larysa. She accepted!

Upon my return to the USA we started the K-1 visa process and in February 2010, I flew back to Ukraine to help pack Larysa’s belongings and bring her home to Arizona. We were happily married on February 22, 2010.

We both thank you and your website for our introduction together and have suggested to others to use your site exclusively. It was the only site I found to be honest and trustworthy.

Dane (USA) and Larysa (Ukraine)

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