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25 January 2002

Dear Elena!
It is your former client Sophia B. From Pyatigorsk of Northern Caucasus. Thank you very much for your agency! I have married a Belgian man. We love each other, and met about a year ago through your site. All my single friends now want to try to find a man abroad seeing how happy I am. Dear Elena, I wish you and your family happiness, love and let all your dreams come true!


5 December 2002

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with Elena's models. I sent a profile of myself to you six months ago and had many replies. I found one woman that I liked very much from Starokonstantinov, Ukraine. I corresponded with her for several months. I visited in her home town and we got married in October. She is a fine person, well educated and very attractive. I am arranging to bring her to live in America. Thanks again. 

Rod (USA)

4 December 2002

Thank you for the services that you have provided. I became married to Anna on Nov 16th. I found her on your web site. I am asking that we both be removed from your web site. If either of us is there. Again thank you.

Kevin Gottlieb
Anna Gottlieb (Borzova)

2 December 2002

I Guess the only problem I have is I'm getting to much mail!
I have found what I'm looking for, please remove my ad from the internet.
Thank you for your help and service, I will definitely recommend your web
site. Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year.

Best wishes,
Clint Parker (USA)

21 November 2002

Please remove my name from your catalogue.
Thank you for your services. They were excellent and professional.

Blake Scott

14 November 2002

Dear Elena,
I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful website for men and women to meet and find their special someone. Through your website I have found my very special lady, Irina. Irina and I are very happy to have met each other and are in love with each other. We are committed to marry each other
as soon as the USA fiancee visa petition and application are approved. Without your website and services I would not have found my Irina.

Kenneth (Sean) Chi

23 October 2002

I would like to thank you... Today was the first day that my ad has run ... so far 10 replies! The ladies all wrote nice letters, all but two included pictures. I am a little overwhelmed. I will answer each letter!

Surprised that I had so many responses! I feel like a movie star...smiling

Randall Keepers
(Maryland, USA)

17 October 2002

The response from the few letters I sent out was fantastic, the ladies all are very intelligent, class act woman.

Thank you
Les (USA)

11 October 2002

Dear Elena,
In March I had placed my profile in your Online Gentlemen's Catalogue and the 295 Local Russian Dating Agencies. It is hard to believe that many months has come and gone. I visited Ukraine and Russia in September and now am in a wonderful relationship with a beautiful and wonderful woman in Dnipropetrovsk.

Thank you,
Andrew Yuen

10 October 2002

I must acknowledge that you have the most perfect post-sell service I've ever seen. Serious people!, and this is difficult to find. So I must congratulate you.

Jose Julio 
(Madrid, Spain)

2 September 2002

Dear Elena...

Thank you for your wonderful service...
Through your service, I met a wonderful woman from Mogilev, Belarus, and we are engaged to be married, and so I would appreciate it very much if you could remove my profile from your men's catalogue. (I had ordered the mass placement of my photo and profile on several men's catalogues...)

Your service has been wonderful, and I will recommend it to anyone I know who is looking for the kind of service that your company provides. Thanks again, and good luck with everything,

K. Darvich
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

26 August 2002

Dear Elena,
You can count me as a happy customer. Your site is by far the easiest
of those that I have used and allows quicker access to the ladies. Thank you.


22 August 2002

Elena's Models is a service that surpasses all others. The quality and integrity of their service, in an industry that is fraught with fraud, is a beacon light to those who are genuinely interested in meeting people from around the world. I would recommend this service to everyone.


21 August 2002

I just wanted to tell you that I found my Larisa through your services.... You can read about my trip reports on RWGuide, for me your service worked perfectly. Every week I got profiles and pictures -- and, most importantly, e-mail addresses. I could write to as many or as few as I wanted. I have recommended your service to others and will continue to do so. I think you have a classy, professional service that charges a reasonable fee.


17 August 2002

Hi Elena :-)

Over the last 3 weeks I have received 119 e-mails and letters from Russian women, and still getting more every day. I have to congratulate you with this HUGE success, which I have never dreamt about! I must confess that it is not very pleasant to write to all the women I have rejected, because they are all very nice women! Also it has taken a lot of time reading and answering all this mail. But I have chosen one, and will correspond only with one, which in my eyes is fair for the women and me!

So please stop advertising anymore, it will be a waist of money and time for these women. I hope that they will find what they are looking for elsewhere :-)

Thank you for a job well done, now it up to her and me to make it work!

Kind regards
Martin Godsk

9 August 2002

Hello Elena,

Guess what? My lady and myself are now happily engaged after our vacation in Russia! I want to thank you for your excellent service which made it possible for an American guy to meet and fall in love with a wonderful Russian lady! We are engaged and working on our fiancee visa.

My heartfelt thanks and sincere wishes for you,

John Corban (USA)

7 August 2002

Hello Elena:

I thought you might like to know that since you placed my ad on Monday, I have had over 60 ladies write to me [for 4 days]. Per your request, I have written each lady back whether I have been interested or not. There are some very nice ladies and 3 or 4 possible matches so far.

Warm regards,

Bob Weis
(California, USA)

24 July 2002

Your service is awesome!! What a waste of time it was before discovering Elena's Models. I signed up for the total package but the response has been so unbelievable that I may have to remove my name. It has been less then two weeks. Thank you Elena is a understatement.

(Texas, USA)

18 July 2002

Hello Elena!
I want to tell you a great "Thank You" for your site and your agency. I am in the process of preparing documents for a fiancee visa, so I think it is time to ask you to remove my profile from your website. I hope John and I will send you our wedding photos.

God bless you,
Tanya Nikolaeva (Novosibirsk, Russia)

17 July 2002

I have great news! :-) I just returned from Russia where I met my lovely fiancee for the first time. She is absolutely wonderful and I am diligently working on the paperwork to bring her to my country!   I found her through your fantastic marriage agency. Thank you for providing such a valuable service! You make people happy! :-)

Marc Alexander (FL, USA)

10 July 2002

Hello Elena,

I am having the time of my life. I am so grateful for you and your service. I have meet so many wonderful lades by email. I am planning on going to Russia this winter. Do you have any info on the immigration process, the US fiancee visas? I am determined to marry my life's partner. She is in Russia waiting for me. Thank you so very much.

Tony Lehrhaupt (TX, USA)

8 July 2002

Dear Sir or Madam !
Thank for your help. Now I had change in my life. I am engaged. 
I hope that I have found the happiness.
I am very grateful to yours Elena's Models Internet Dating Agency.
I ask to remove my biographical data and photos.
All the best.

Ludmila Abrosimova 
(St. Petersburg, Russia)

3 July 2002

Hello Elena, 

We want to say thank you to you and your great service one more time!

Less than year ago I sent my letter to you with my form and photos. After 3 weeks I started to have letters. Second letter was from Michael.

His first letter was from 1 September [2001].

When I saw his photo in his next letter I thought that we had something in common. Like we are close friends to each other.

Very soon he wrote that he will be glad to visit me and my family and to know more about my life. I have a son, he is 7 y. o. now and he is quite an energetic boy.

Michael came to Yekaterinburg after 1.5 month of our correspondence. I met him at the airport and it was enough to see this tall, handsome man to fall in love to him! Especially that I knew him from his wonderful letters and then I talked with him, and I thought about his voice that it was so charming!

He is caring, attentive and adorable man. I enjoy our life together.

We spent 2 weeks together. We were in S. Petersburg and Moscow because he wanted to visit these cities. His grandma is from S. Petersburg. Now she is American.

He is American too.

I want to mention one fact. He visited me after the tragic events at his motherland. The terrorist act couldn't stop him from visiting his Russian beauty. It is how he calls me. He said - if my father, who was Estonian by nationality, knew you - he would be proud of me!

I am proud of him!

He is my great man about whom I dreamt!

And I love him!

I've only wanted for us to have a long life together and to be happy. Happiness it is so important for every person. May be American men are so tired from their real American women that they want to find their real Russian beauty so far away?

After 10 months we are married.

Our wedding was at 29 of June [2002].

May be our story will help your couple that is only in the beginning of their relationship?

I will send couple photos of me and Michael.

I did not save my photos but he said "When I started my search I fell in love with your incredible blue eyes that shined kindness and love!" He said to himself - "I must know this woman!"

Thank you Elena for your work!!!

Marina and Michael (USA)

May 26, 2002

First of all I just wish to thank you, since I placed my ad on May 13, I have received at least 100 letters from very beautiful and friendly women. This has been a very pleasant experience, I have taken the time to respond personally to everyone who has written me out of respect for the consideration they have shown me. I have been corresponding with a few and rather than being misleading to serious women, wondered may I temporarily suspend my ad while still within the parameters of the three month period? As I wish to be totally honest with everyone and I have no desire to dampen anyone's spirits about finding happiness in this way I really hope one of these few women may be the right one and will not mislead them either. I have returned many letters and was not contacted back which is fine I assume that I was not what these ladies were looking for when they heard more of my thoughts and I suppose that is the way it goes in this concept. I have no ill will about that. As a whole I can say this has been very pleasant and I sincerely hope that my ventures at this will prove successful. 

George (USA)

May 22, 2002

Dear Elena, first of all, thank you for your service, as when I place my profile on your site and you sent it to other sites, the responses has been amazing, and even today they still keep coming. As you said early on when I joined your site, answer each lady back even to say that I'm not interested, so they can move on, of which I have been doing. At times Elena, I cannot keep up with the responses, but I eventfully answer them all. One special Lady and I are really getting on quite well, and our letters to each other are amazing and I will visit her in the near future. I think me and her were are made for each other. My question Elena is, that I don't feel comfortable still receiving responses and I have other Lady friends profiles, besides that special Lady, so what do you recommend Elena?, I would personally like to just communicate with my special Lady, so I can focus just on her, rather than be confuse with others Ladies as well. Again Elena your help will be appreciated and as I said this special Lady is the one. Elena thank you. Take care.

WI Boynton (New Zealand)

May 21, 2002

Let me add that am impressed and delighted with your prompt and 
courteous service so far, it has been a pleasure doing business. Your 
site is the most informative and user friendly and Elena's Models will 
remain my first choice for all my future needs.

Dave Halverson

May 15, 2002

Dear Elena

It is your recent client Elena Urbanovich. I want to express my appreciation and gratefulness to your agency. Your agency made me and my (now) husband very happy. We are now a family, and probably the happiest family in the world.

Thank you very much,

Martin and Elena Palmer


April 24, 2002

Dear Elena

I should have written some time ago.

Your service has made it possible for me to find an Elena of my own -- Lena for short. Lena is from Nizhny Novgorod and I am from Perth in Australia. Lena has been over to visit me in Australia. We are very much in love and are getting married. We are going through the Visa arrangements now.

I know she has written some time ago to cancel her advertisement and you asked her to send a copy of the wedding photo. This we will gladly do.

We are both forever grateful for your service because it has brought us together. When we are together again in Australia we will write you the full story. It is a beautiful story.

Many thanks
Richard Bosward

February 15, 2002

Hi Elena

Well where do I begin! I don't know what made me do it but I am glad I did. I subscribed to your weekly service in September 2001 and it was mind-blowing to realize how many women are out there who just wanted what I was looking for, a stable, happy, loving family. Well I chose six ladies and received three positive replies. After a few letters I decided on Sophia. She was divorced with a baby daughter. I think from the start we got on well and we always sent each other photos and stories about our lives at home. Our birthdays are just nine days apart! Well, I sent her roses on her birthday and she was so delighted. She had never received anything like it in her life. I also started communicating with her by telephone, as you suggested in your website. It was probably the best thing that I did as it made the relationship more real.

Well I could not wait and I planned my own trip to Russia and we met in January. We spent everyday together visiting different places in her town. I have never met a more loving, responsible, caring, family-orientated women. We fell in love with each other and although it is still early days we truly believe that this is the start of a lifelong relationship. We still have much to learn about each other but each day gets better and better. I've even started taking lessons in Russian.

I have never been happier in my life and we plan to see each other again in Russia around July and then she will come to Cape Town in Summer for a holiday. What I discovered was that she did not need some rich guy to come and rescue her from hardship. She was well-educated, from a loving family, self-sufficient, had her own car, computer. She did not need financial help and loves her home town. She just wanted a loving, caring, stable man. She is a beautiful women and it beats me that any man would not want her. Well, I am over the moon that I was able to attract such a fantastic woman and I want to say thank you for providing such an excellent service. I received answers from every woman I wrote to and did not experience any scams or gold-diggers.

What was also interesting is that a lot of her friends became interested in finding someone when they saw how happy she had become. I will recommend you site to anyone I know who is looking for a partner as I know the information you supply is honest and truthful and the websites are very informative and helpful.

Stephen R. (Cape Town, South Africa)

February 13, 2002

Hello Elena,
I just want to tell You that Your Agency is best on the Internet. Last year I was a member, and I have found my future Wife, her name is also Elena. I wish You that you stay in your Business with Your Agency for many years, and I will always recommend Your Agency, because now I am a satisfied man who has found the Wife of my dream!! Thank You so much!!

Zoran D. (Canada)

February 12, 2002

Dear Elena
My name is Alan and I want to thank you for your service. I am engaged to Julia B, one of your members. Once again THANK YOU ELENA!!!! 

Alan (USA)

January 22, 2002

Hello Elena!
Thank you for your time and help and I'd like to say I have made some very good friendships from the ladies on your site and I'm working on taking further steps because these ladies are truly wonderful, kind, decent, and warm and caring people which is sometimes hard to find these days! Thank you very much! 

Danny G. (KY, USA)

January 02, 2002

Dear Elena Petrova,
I wanted to thank you for your service. I have met a wonderful woman in Russia that I now write several times a day and we talk on the phone at least once a week. I am now planning a trip to Russia in late February to meet her in person. Please temporarily suspend my account and if all goes well in February I will write you again and have you cancel my subscription. 

Again Thank you very very much from both myself and for Elena B.

Joseph M. (KY, USA)

December 21, 2001

Hello, I just returned from Odessa and a meeting with one of your ladies. She uses one of your partner agencies service and I had the opportunity to meet both the owner, Valeriy, and his wife, Raisa. He is a very stand up guy and genuinely cares for his ladies who are using his services. He helped me and Victoria with all our arrangements and made sure my son got emails while I was away from Seattle.

I will not be needing your services as I have become engaged to Victoria O. of Odessa.  She is a wonderful lady and much more than I could ever hope for.  It is true that there are really family oriented and intelligent ladies out there. Victoria is a classy lady and I am very happy and looking forward to a great future with her.

Daniel T. (WA, USA)

November 25, 2001

Dear Elena,

As I now prepare for my second trip to Europe in two months, I wanted to take a moment to thank you. This is actually a difficult letter to write, because I cannot find the words to properly describe how important you and your service have become to the future direction of my life.

I know you have many clients, so you probably cannot remember the full contribution you have made toward my meeting and developing a relationship with an extraordinary Russian woman.

My first contact with you was almost 8 months ago, when you translated a letter for me. This was the first of a number of introductory letters that you translated for me, all except one of which received a response. This "success' ratio was far higher than I had expected based on a number of factors-not the least including the fact that I was 49, writing to women all under 35! I believe it is due entirely to the quality of the translation. You made the letters so interesting and easy to read that the women felt compelled to respond. I wrote to one woman I had found on your website, who responded with the most beautiful letter, but told me that she had been corresponding with someone for several months. Because I was so interested in her, you encouraged me to keep writing her, just as a friend, which I did. She is the woman who I am now preparing to visit for the second time.

Since at first I did not expect anything to come of this, given her previous correspondence, I wrote to several women I had found on search engines on other sites. Although they all wrote back (except one) literally all of them were involved already with other men - and several of them were already engaged! That's when I subscribed to your weekly service. What an experience that was! Every week I would receive 75 to 100 pictures of very beautiful and interesting women - it took me hours to decide who to write to! I wrote at least one from every week, and every single one responded and was available. Every one - literally - complimented me on my letter. I began to feel guilty, since they were really complimenting you on your letter! From time to time I would need perspective on what they were saying to me, and you always were there with guidance and suggestions.

Throughout these letters, I continued to write my friendly letters to Galina - the lady who had first attracted my attention on your Elena's Models website. Although she spoke English, and we would send each other frequent chatty emails in English, I always had you translate these longer letters for me. I did so because I wanted this woman to really learn to know me, and I did not feel that she would be able to do this through the nuances of a foreign language. Most impressively, you not only would translate these letters for me, but you would also offer advice as to how a Russian woman would likely react to some of the things I would say, given the vast differences in culture. Galina always told me should waited for these letters as a breath of fresh air, and I know that your translation was what enabled that to be. Imagine my surprise when after several months of this friendly correspondence, Galina wrote me an email to tell me that she had advised her other correspondent that she had 'met' someone more suited for her, that she thought we should meet, and that she was going to call me that following Sunday to talk to me on the telephone for the first time! We met in October, she was more than I ever imagined a person could be, and now I am shopping for a warm coat for my December trip to Russia! I do not yet, of course, know the final outcome of my relationship with Galina, but it has been a genuine pleasure to this point. None of this could have happened without your assistance and advice.

Throughout this process you have treated me not as a client but rather as a friend, and your attitude has clearly been to help me in any way that you can. You have genuinely had my best interest at heart.

So what would be my advice to anyone interested in finding a spouse in Russia? Take the plunge, but do not do so without Elena's help. Even if you find a woman on another website, have Elena translate your letters. Not just the introductory letter, but every letter in which you have something important to say. The cost is small - less than it would cost you to take a date to dinner. If you have not already found a particular woman, visit www.elenasmodels.com, and subscribe to her weekly ladies catalog. You will be amazed at the women that you will find - and they will be available! To be blunt about this, if you pursue this process without Elena's help and guidance, you risk a very big and expensive mistake.

So Elena, I wish there were words that could somehow express the true level of my gratitude, but they do not exist. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, advice and concern - and as I say that I know my words are inadequate.

Dan (USA)

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