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Irina, 38
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Russian brides scam articleHi, my name is Elena and I am the owner of the online dating agency "Elena's Models".

To give you some background about me, I was born in Russia and married a western man in 1998. I have 2 children and live on the Gold Coast, Australia - the most beautiful place in the world (except for where you reside of course :-)

I started my first website Russian Brides Cyber Guide in 1999 as an informational source for men seeking a Russian wife. The site became very popular virtually overnight (there weren't too many websites about Russian women back in 1999) and I became pretty well-known in narrow circles of Russian bride-seekers.

Russian Brides Cyber Guide was the first Internet site to offer Black List of Russian dating scammers, and was a part of several police investigations into Russian brides scams, helping investigators to contact victims of dating scams (reported on the Black List) and prosecute scammers. I also wrote (back in 2000) the first Anti-Scam Guide for men seeking a Russian wife, which helped thousands of men to avoid common Internet dating scams.

I am on good speaking terms with owners of most large Russian dating agencies (it's quite normal for any industry that people know each other). At some point in time I was affiliated with all current top Russian dating sites, and I am still recommending some of them even now, having my own successful dating agency Elena's Models.

Elena's Models came into existence soon after my first site Russian Brides Cyber Guide, because I realized pretty quickly I would not be able to both write articles about Russian brides and run a dating agency from the same website; so Elena's Models was separated as a dating agency operation.

This was back more than 10 years ago and we are still operating today (and very successful), so back to the subject of this article, "Is Elena's Models a Scam?" - the answer is clearly, NO, simply because:

  • We are 10 years in the business;

  • Hundreds of successful couples & marriages;

  • 140,000+ users - so many people cannot be wrong!

  • Anti-scam sites love us - because we do as we say;

  • Elena's Models is THE ONLY Licensed Introduction Agency among large Russian dating agencies. We are a fully operational business with all necessary business registrations etc.

We do not run the infamous agency scam, and scammers are not welcome in our agency.

Read more about Elena's Models scam protection.

Elena & Elena's Models team

Elena's Models is the only honest agency I found on the net 

is Elena's Models a scam storyAfter our first contact using Elena's we wrote many letters to each other then talked on the phone and used sms. We decided to meet in August 2008 in Ekaterinburg. I had been to Ukraine and Russia before on business and spoke a little Russian. Irina spoke fair English. 

I arranged a business visa for her and she came to stay for Christmas 2008. After many arrangements with family Irina came to live with me in Great Britain on a fiance visa in July 2009. We were married in England on 31-10-09 and have now obtained a Spousal visa.

Advice, if you have never been to Russia do not go alone, use the services of the Agency. The UK boarder agency is a disaster zone and even the immigration lawyers have problems, read the web site very carefully and research everything, keep all correspondence with each other from day 1 you will need it. For us it has all been worth it and we are deeply in love.

Elena's is the only honest agency I found on the net and they helped us get started.

Richard (UK) and Irina (Ukraine)

I started using Elena's Models after having been scammed on another site - Elena's Models is a good, legit site

Elena's Models scam free searchI started using Elena's Models dating site in April, 2008 after having been scammed by a "Russian woman" on Match.com.

On Elena's, I was soon contacted by a beautiful Russian woman, Alena, and we started a daily communication until I finally visited her in August, 2008. We spent two weeks together in her home city of Astrakhan, then we flew to Moscow for a week. We hit it off and our relationship flourished. We continued to communicate and decided to marry in July, 2009. We started the laborious paperwork task required by the USA to bring my bride to this country and I even paid a third visit to Russia in November 2009. Although I speak little Russian and her little English, we were able to communicate much better in person without translators. I had never traveled to Russia before and was absolutely shocked to see how corrupt things were. I had to bribe 5 officials with Cognac to make the marriage happen but we weathered the difficulties and were married July 27. Alena is a wonderful woman, the best I have ever met in my life, and we are both extremely happy. She will make San Diego the new home for her, her daughter and son and should be arriving in June 2010. She has never traveled to the USA and I have tried to describe the difference between Astrakhan and San Diego but she must experience it herself. 

I will say that Elena's Models is a good, legit site.


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