Russian Girls vs. Ukraine Girls
aka "Russian Brides" and "Ukraine Brides"

Russian girls and Ukraine girlsby Elena Petrova (Elena's Models)

Russian girls and Russian brides have been popular for a long time but since recently Ukraine girls and Ukraine brides are claiming the top spot for "foreign brides".

What are the reasons behind this phenomena and what is the difference between Russian girls and Ukraine girls?

The simple reason why Ukrainian girls (aka "Ukrainian brides") became so popular is that Ukraine allows visa-free access to visitors from United States and European Union, so men seeking foreign brides can visit Ukraine easily - just buy a ticket and jump on the plane!

On the other hand, Russia still requires foreign tourists to get a visitor "tourist" visa and register your temporary residential address with Russian authorities on arrival (if you stay in a hotel, they will do it for you but if you stay in a private apartment or with your Russian girlfriend, you have to go to the Department of visas to register). Of course, those are only minor inconveniences but if you can avoid them, it makes life easier.

This is why Ukraine girls and Ukraine brides seem to be easier accessible and as such, more popular.

Economically Russia advanced significantly during the recent years and Russian brides, especially Russian girls from Moscow and St. Petersburg - two cosmopolitan Russian capitals - can be somewhat choosier, so western men seeking younger women may feel they have better luck with young Ukrainian brides.

It has been also noted by our male users that in general Ukraine girls seem to be  more down-to-earth, open and easygoing than Russian girls, whilst Russian girls seem to be more sophisticated, cosmopolitan and aloof. 

This comes hand in hand with the usual trend of girls from regional towns being more open and cordial than girls from capitals, so even though the "warmth vs. aloofness" comparison between Russian brides and Ukraine brides may hold true, a Russian girl from a smaller regional town can be more cordial than a Ukraine girl from the capital Kiev. 

Also, the farther a town is from the capitals, the warmer and more down-to-earth are the girls: i.e. a Russian girl from a large city in Siberia will be usually more down-to-earth than a girl from a smaller town near Moscow.

Girls from smaller and more distant towns also tend to be more accepting of age difference and more open to relocating to a non-city area than girls from capitals, who often believe they will not survive without seeing a theatre play or an art exhibition at least once a month. Since smaller regional towns are less accessible, foreign men tend to mostly visit girls from capitals and girls from regional towns 

And whilst there are always individual differences and every Russian girl and Ukrainian girl is unique, these trends tend to be true in general.

However, Ukrainian girls' popularity among western men seeking younger women also means that there is more competition to meet Ukraine girls than to meet Russian girls and you may have better success with Russian girls than with Ukrainian girls. Also, if you are looking for an educated and sophisticated modern woman, you will find them easier in Russian capitals (Moscow and St. Petersburg). If you are looking for a stay-at-home housewife, you will find them easier in smaller towns in Ukraine and Russia.

All in all, both Russian girls and Ukraine girls are very family oriented and value marriage highly and if you don't want to bother obtaining visas, you can always meet in a third country such as Turkey, Thailand, Cyprus or Caribbean Islands. The most important is to find the right girl!

Good luck!

With my best wishes,


Russian brides and Ukraine bridesElena Petrova is the founder and CEO of the online dating site introducing Russian girls and Ukraine girls seeking western men for marriage (aka "Russian brides" and "Ukraine brides"). She has a degree in philosophy and have appeared on many TV shows and in media. Her agency Elena's Models features more than 200,000 active profiles from 176 countries of the world and is bringing Russian girls and Ukrainian girls and western men together since 1999.


Ukraine is a part of the former Soviet Union (dissolved in 1991) with the population of about 45 million people. Current average monthly salary in Ukraine is around US$320.

Russia was the largest country of the former Soviet Union with population of around 142 million. Russia is the largest country in the world by its geographical size (17,098,242 km2 / 6,601,668 sq.miles / 11.5% of the total world's land area), nearly double the size of the second largest country in the world, Canada (9,984,670 km2 /  3,855,100 sq.miles / 6.7% of the total world's land area). Average monthly salary in Russia is around US$640 (double of the average salary in Ukraine). Moscow, the capital of Russia, has the largest number of billionaires per capita (79 billionaires in Moscow) ahead of New York, NY, USA.

Life standards in Russia and Ukraine wary significantly between capitals and regions, with average salaries twice as high in capitals as compared to regions.

Russian brides and Ukraine brides became popular as "foreign brides" for western men after the fall of the "iron curtain" in 1987.

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