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Russian girl marriageby Elena Petrova (Elena's Models)


Russian girls take marriage VERY seriously... for Russian girls, marriage is more important than a career.

A Russian girl will sacrifice her career to save her marriage, or, as in the case with many Russian girls from Elena's Models, she will be even prepared to sacrifice her country, her culture and close family ties to have a happy marriage.

I need to emphasize that most Russian girls seeking marriage don't specifically seek a "foreign husband", they seek the right partner.

Since recently, we have started to ask Russian girls during our usual intake interview WHY they are seeking a husband abroad and most of Russian girls say they are seeking a partner on our site simply to broaden their search because they could not find the right man at home. 

(Read on to find out what Russian girls mean by "the right man")

When you contact Russian girls on our site, you will quickly realize that Russian girls for marriage are not after your passport or country simply because many of them will say "NO" when you contact them... if all Russian girls wanted was to immigrate, all girls would say "YES" to anyone! But this is certainly not the case; they do have requirements and it's not just where you live. (In fact, many Russian women seeking husbands would be happy if you moved to live with them in Russia)

When reading profiles of Russian girls, you will see how much emphasis they put on marriage and family. 

By the way, in Russian language the phrase "create a family" actually means "get married" and when a Russian girl says "I want to create a family" what she actually means is "I want to get married". 

It's just the way it works in the language that through the history a married couple was considered to be a "family" even if they didn't have any children; so in Russian "creating a family" is a more upmarket expression for "getting married"; in the same way "getting education" compares to "studying in a college".

I.e. "creating a family" means the fact of official marriage (as opposed to simply living together or dating) and not the birth of children in the Russian language. 

If you want to meet a Russian girl FOR MARRIAGE, or as she would say, "to create a family", she will be very happy to hear from you (if you meet her requirements, most importantly the age). 

Russian girls are usually open to meeting men who are older, from 5 years older to 20-25 years older, if it's for marriage. One of the reasons for that is that men who are older are more mature and also they usually have a better financial standing in life and can provide for the family.

Russian girls will usually want to have children in the marriage, because this is what makes the "family" complete (although a married couple, a husband and a wife, are already a "family" by definition of Russian language, as explained above).

In Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union single girls usually get married at a young age, often at 18-19 years of age while still studying in college. Not many Russian girls graduate from college single; college is certainly more of a place to find a husband and marriage for Russian girls than a preparation for a future career. 

This is because in Russian culture the social emphasis for a woman is on her function as a WIFE and a MOTHER, as compared to a man's function as a PROVIDER for a family.

This is why for Russian girls marriage is more important than a career because it gives her fulfillment and social meaning; without a husband she doesn't feel "worthy" by Russian cultural standards.

This is why you can see on our site so many Russian girls who are models, artists, medical doctors and other professionals (accountants, lawyers, engineers, scientists etc) - these girls are accomplished in their careers but without having a marriage and a husband they don't feel 100% happy.

Finding a husband in Russia and Ukraine is not easy for women, with huge demographic disproportions between men and women: official statistics confirm there are only 87 men for 100 women, but from our communication with women they feel there is only 1 available man for 4-5 single women (which is understandable because most girls get married early and not many single men are left for the girls who haven't got married in college).

If you haven't found a good man for marriage by the time you graduate from a college, than as a Russian girl you will have a hard time trying to find a partner.

This is why many Russian girls who are college students list their profiles on our site, because they feel time is ticking out for them and they need to be proactive to secure a good husband.

So, a good husband is a prized commodity for Russian girls and if you are ready to fulfill the most important man's mission which is to provide for your future family (having a stable job will do), then Russian girls will be open to meeting you, but only with the purpose of future marriage.

So, what you need to emphasize in your profile (and your first letter to her):

  • You are looking for MARRIAGE ("to create a family").

  • You can provide for your future family.

  • You are ready to have children in the marriage.

  • You will be a loyal husband and will not leave her for a younger woman once she has your child or children.

What if you don't want to have children in the marriage?

In this case, try to find a Russian girl who already has a child, and some 20-something girls on our site have children. 

If you don't want to have children and you don't want to look after her children, then your options are to meet women who have grown up children, which means usually from 35 years old and up. In this case, a woman may be content not to have any more children in her new marriage.

You see, the desire of Russian girls to find marriage is so strong that they are prepared to reach their goal even if it's overseas and they would have to leave their country and family behind - certainly not all Russian girls are prepared to go to such lengths, but some of them (Russian girls on our site) are.

But this is why the other side of the medal is that these Russian girls want to have children in a marriage; it's part of the same cultural model: marriage is important but once you are married, you should have children in a marriage, maybe not straight away but within 4-5 years time frame.

But if a Russian girl already has a child, then her primary motivation is to find (1) a good husband for her PLUS (2) a good step-father for her child. 

Many Russian girls have a child "for themselves", without a husband or a long-term partner, because they feel they may not be able to find a partner for marriage and want at least to have a child, to realize themselves as a mother if they could not realize themselves as a wife. 

If you read profiles of Russian girls and Russian women carefully, you will cleary see these inner dynamics I am talking about here.

The motivation of Russian girls in a marriage is very different to western girls: a Russian girl will sacrifice her career to help her man in his career or business; while a western girl will probably prefer to pursue her career rather than sacrificing it for her partner.

Most Russian girls in Russia work outside their homes and contribute to the family's budget, oftentimes being the sole provider and the husband doesn't work. Russian girls don't like to be a situation like this and this is why when a Russian girl ventures to find a marriage abroad, she wants to ensure you can provide for a family. Which doesn't mean she is not willing to contribute, but only that she wants to ensure you will be working as well.

There are some Russian girls who want to find a wealthy man to provide for them but they are rather an exception. 

You will find most Russian girls see their future marriage as an equal partnership and many Russian girls specifically state they want to continue working and don't want to be just housewives, they want to realize themselves both in the family and the career - but family always comes first for Russian girls.

I hope you now have a better understanding of Russian girls for marriage:

  • What you should put in your profile if you want Russian girls to write to you and respond positively to your EOI's and mails;

  • What kind of Russian girl is right for you;

  • What Russian girls expect from a man in a marriage.

Good luck!

With my best wishes,


Russian girl marriageElena Petrova is the founder and CEO of the online dating site introducing Russian girls seeking western men for marriage. She has a degree in philosophy and have appeared on many TV shows and in media. Her agency Elena's Models features more than 200,000 active profiles from 176 countries of the world and is bringing Russian girls and western men together since 1999.

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