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Russian Girls Datingby Elena Petrova (Elena's Models)

This is 2011 and whilst the world became much smaller in recent years, there are still some fundamental differences in dating Russian girls as compared to dating local/western women.

After 12+ years of living in the west (actually it's 13 years but like all Russian people I am superstitious :))) I can now see clearly what are the differences and what is the ONE single thing you need to know when dating Russian girls.

I will also tell you what is the biggest complaint of Russian girls dating American, Canadian and European men.

So, without further ado, let's get to our nitty gritty!

The single most important thing you need to know is that Russian girls are very idealistic. They are dreamers. Life is hard and dreams help to get through day-to-day challenges and disappointments. "Positive thinking" and "optimism" are the qualities that you will see in nearly any Russian girl's profile online as the ones they are proud of possessing and want to see in their future partners.

Russian girls are very practical, smart and street-savvy in their daily life but they all dream of a "prince on a white horse", a "gentleman", a "noble" man when they think about love and relationships. They want to meet a man who is willing to sweep them off their feet, open doors for her and move chairs, offer her a hand when exiting a car etc. These small un-important things are extremely important for Russian girls. 

Russian girls do NOT want to be equal to men in everything. They want an equal consideration in a relationship, feel that their opinions and wishes matter, they do want equal opportunities in career and education - but they do NOT want to be treated like a guy next door. They want to be treated like ladies.

In other words, equal partnership but with gender considerations is what Russian girls seek in dating western men, online or offline. Russian men can court a woman but they are very chauvinistic, don't value her opinions, don't consider her to be an equal partner, don't respect her the way western men respect their partners and wives. Western men appreciate their women but Russian girls always seek this courtship and little signs of attention. So, if you can offer her both, it's the winning combination she dreams about!

In exchnage to your opening doors and moving chairs a Russian girl will be happy to be your supporter and your home base, a caring, loving and affectionate partner. If you take care of her in your way, she'll take care of you in her way. (By the way, sex in Russia is still considered a "spousal duty" in a marriage which cannot be denied...)

Russian girls admire traditional family values and roles. As modern and educated as they are, Russian girls crave men who behave manly, so that they can behave womanly. You may see in many girls' profiles, "I want to be a weak woman next to a strong man" - they are so tired of being their own pillars of strength, being strong-willed, being their own providers, protectors and organizers (classic manly qualities) that they dream of being able to relax and 'feel like a woman'. Ask your mom what does it mean to court a lady if you don't know. This is what Russian girls want to see in men who date them.

Next, Russian girls' biggest complaint.

The real, nice and good Russian girls using our site complain the most about men who write lots of letters but never do anything to meet in real life. And whilst some Russian dating sites specialize precisely in this, online romance (pay-per-minute or pay-per-letter, which costs you more the more letters you send and receive, and it's really hard to meet someone for real), our site works differently and you don't pay to send mails or interests, and our women DO want to meet you in blood and flesh. They want to have a real relationship, have sex with you and most of them (particularly childless women under 40) want to have children. All of them want to get married - for real. 

Most of our female clients come to us through word-of-mouth referrals from their family and friends, oftentimes someone who got married through our site. We really want our clients to fall in love in real life and get married. But this is not possible if you don't meet. And this is where the first part of this article comes to play, YOU need to be the one who acts manly and organizes this meeting. You need to start talking to her about it and suggest your plan how to meet. She is a fair maiden and she needs a gentleman who is there to sweep her off her feet; how does it fit into the picture of her planning your meeting and throwing herself at your doorstep?

If you start talking meeting and planning, you will get ahead of 99% of other guys who are showering her with compliments, chat requests and emails with never-ending questions. A man who can pick a phone and make a call to say "Good morning gorgeous" and send her a ticket to meet him at a seaside resort... well, this is a gentleman she was waiting for so long.

Guys, decide for yourself what you really want

An Internet romance? There are dozens of "Russian dating sites" which specilaize presicely in that; you will recognize them instantly; they are pay-per-minute or pay-per-email; this is where you can have a long, beautiful, never-ending Internet romance and correspondence with a virtually guaranteed answer to any letter to any woman who all just want to keep writing to get to know you better. They are never upset if you do not want to meet in real life for as long as you keep paying for mails and chats.

But if you want a real relationship with a real woman, and maybe real sex, marriage and kids, then you need to take this step, get real and meet somehow. The girls are waiting!

Best luck in your search,



Russian Girls DatingABOUT THE AUTHOR: 

Elena Petrova is the founder of and Russian Brides Cyber Guide ( She has a degree in philosophy and a tongue-in-cheek view on the subject of international marriages. Her agency Elena's Models has clients in 176 countries and is bringing genuine love-seekers together since 1999.



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Pretty soon we decided that if we wanted to take it to the next level we should meet. I knew it was up to me to visit Elmira. So I did at Christmas last year, about six months after our first contact.

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Russian girls dating story 2Hi Elena! Just a quick email to say thank you for a great web site.

Irina and I starting chatting in November of 2009 and then met for the first time in May, 2010. Irina then came to visit me for 3 months and I am very excited to say that we are now finally engaged to marry! 

I was dubious at first as to whether the web site was legitimate but now all I can say is praise. I have already recommended the site to others and in the future will have to send the wedding pics!

Best wishes to all in their searches,

Chris and Irina

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Russian girls dating story 3Hi, Elena! My husband and I are very thankful to your web site. I'd been on Elena's Models for 4 months before I met my future husband. He sent me a message via the site and we started to talk in ISQ also spent a lot of time in Skype. After 1 month Warick wanted to visit me. It was wonderful, great holidays for both of us. We spent a whole month together. Then I visited him and then we got married! It was the happiest day in our lives! Now we are together for more than one year and we are very excited because we are expecting our first child! 

We never thought that Internet could really help us to meet our love but this fairy tale came true! We love each other very much and are very happy together.

Thank you again for your help! And good luck to you and all girls on this site. Your dream can come true, just wait and have faith! ;-)

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