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John and Svetlana - February 2011

Russian brides - a true Russian bride storyHi Elena and thank you!

My name is John from Sydney Australia, I have just returned from St Petersburg today. I first made contact with Svetlana on Elena's Models back in Oct 2010. We started talking through the site then moved onto skype and exchanged phone numbers. We talked every day and were txt messaging every day since. 

We have become very close through this manner of contact till our skype talks just got longer and longer till it got to the point where I where I was only getting an hour sleep each night due to the time gap!

So I took up the chance to meet Svetlana in person in Russia where we both agreed on St Petersburg. This was a wonderful trip and I met the most wonderful lady of my life we were never apart in this time of 8 days!

We found we were just so much in love it was just unbelievable, it was amazing for both of us, it was a real trip into romance and love then to talk about how we can plan our future together.

At the time of this trip we announced our engagement and Svetlana accepted me, so this is the most sweetest moment of our lives for Svetlana and me! We are now planning our future where Svetlana will come to Australia and we will marry to form a happy family that will be filled with love for each other. This has been a real life roller coaster ride but the most amazing ride of my life! I have found the most sweetest, loving, warmest and amazing lady in the world. 

We now are applying for Svetlana to come to Australia with all correct government bodies, all we both hope this will not take too long as all we want is that we can be together and marry and fill our lives with all our love for each other.

The trip to Russia was a little of a culture shock but it was good to meet with some of Svetlana's family and to understand where Svetlana comes from and her way of life and then to talk about the Australian way of life and to be sure Svetlana will fit into Australia and our way of life. We talked in detail on this, all was good and we both understand each other and our backgrounds and we have respect for both of our histories but now we have decided we have a new page to write in our future that will be filled with our love. 

I was asked by people and Svetlana was a little worried about our language barrier as Svetlana's English was not fluent but this was soon put aside as we were able to understand each other and express our emotions with ease. Now we are happy, so much in love with each other and engaged with a wedding to plan and government paperwork to to be done to make all our dreams come to life - a fairytale that has come to life!

All I can say is this would never of happened without your site, so a very deep thank you from Svetlana and me. Your site is real and your site really works! I would tell anyone who is thinking of trying your site, "Don't think about it - do it!" as your site is one word - 'amazing' and is true in all it is trying to do.

Once again thank you from Svetlana and John as we would not be planning our future and our marriage without you and your site!

John (Australia) and Svetlana (Russia)

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