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Finding a Russian bride doesn't have to be a daunting task. You can find your Russian bride in 3 easy steps:


Meeting women from Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe is just as easy as meeting women from your own town; Internet has changed the way we communicate and meet, and Russian women have embraced all advantages of the Internet age, including Skype, instant messengers and email.

There are dozens of Russian brides websites, which represent women from Eastern Europe seeking contacts with western men. It is their specialty to introduce women who are willing to relocate if they find a suitable partner, which means you will be talking to women who, although they live in Russia and Ukraine and other Eastern European countries, already made a decision in their mind they will move if they can find the right man.


With time limitations and busy lives we all lead these days, it may be easier to talk to Russian brides living overseas than to women in your own city; and it is not unusual for our couples to spend hours talking via Skype and phone. You can talk to many women and see them in real time, just as if you were dating someone living in your state but in a different town.

Sooner or later, you will have some Russian women (or one woman) who will become special to you and you will be spending more time on her than on other ladies. At this stage you have probably already discussed some important matters such as your interests, values, goals and other things that are important to you, and you may wish to make plans to meet in person. 

Just as if you were dating someone "out of town" in your state, there are 3 options: you visit her, she visits you or you meet elsewhere. You can discuss it with your special woman and decide what is the best for both of you. Many our couples find that meeting for the first time "in real life" is easier when none of you have to play the role of a host, and you both can relax and spend time on getting to know each other. This is why many couples choose to meet at a holiday resort for a few days together when they meet for the first time.

After the first meeting, you may wish to plan future short meetings or one of you comes to visit the other one. Usually our couples meet several times before they decide to move to the next stage.


If you were looking for a Russian bride, usually it is because you want to build a relationship leading to marriage. International dating generally doesn't make much sense if you are only looking for a short-term fling, and as such people take it seriously and many couples consider marriage once they feel their relationship is strong enough.

For the majority of our couples, it is the woman that moves to the man's country to join him. Sometimes American or European men choose to move to Russia or Ukraine to join their brides, but this happens fairly seldom.

Most countries have special visas available for people who want to marry a foreigner: K-1 "fiancee" visa in the United States or prospective marriage visa in Australia; other countries have similar classes of visas.

You will need to provide documentations to immigration, proving that you have met in person and have established a relationship: phone bills, copies of emails, tickets to places where you met each other, hotel bills, and most importantly, photos of you together and your affidavits; the more proof/documentation you have, the better. The person that applies for the visa may be also required to attend an interview at the Consulate and answer questions about your relationship. There are many immigration lawyers who can help you through this process.

The process of visa application takes from several weeks to several months, depending on your country. Once your Russian bride receives the visa, she can join you in your country and you can get married. Some couples also get married first, and then apply for a "spouse" visa; the process for obtaining a spouse visa is very similar and you actually don't have any advantage if you are already married; you still need to prove your relationship is genuine and provide documentation.

Over the last decades, hundreds of thousands of people met through online dating agencies and it is quite common for people to meet this way these days.

If you feel you struggle to find a partner in the "usual" way, finding a Russian bride can allow you to broaden your search and improve your chances of finding a compatible match.

Hundreds of our couples have proven this can be done!



Elena Petrova is the founder of www.ElenasModels.com and Russian Brides Cyber Guide (www.womenrussia.com). She is a former 'Russian mail order bride' with a degree in philosophy and a deep knowledge of the Russian brides industry. Her agency Elena's Models has clients in 167 countries and is bringing genuine love-seekers together since 1999.

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Russian Bride Success Story

Finding Russian brideWe will never thank enough God and your agency which gave us the chance to make our dearest dream come true... After one week's correspondence, I decided to fly to Ukraine, listening to my heart, and I can say now the  trip changed my life forever.... 

I spent all February in Ukraine with the sweetest and loveliest lady I never met before...  it was like a fairy tale and a very romantic Valentine's day under the stars of Red sea. 

All my hopes and dreams became at last reality. With Inna I felt real connection of our souls - it was love from first sight...

We got married on July, 11 in Dneprodzerzhinsk - we are a wonderful love story in spite of cultural and language barriers !!!!

Many thanks again from the bottom of my heart ;)))

Patrick and Inna

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