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Beautiful Russian girls - why they are so beautiful? Article by Elena Petrovaby Elena Petrova (Elena's Models)

I just love this question, "Why Russian girls are so beautiful?"!

Truth to be told, this question is the reason why this website's name is Elena's Models.

When I married my husband in 1998, moved to the west and started my first website Russian Brides Cyber Guide, every second email I received was about this, why Russian girls are so beautiful, are those photos on the Internet real, are the girls in Russian dating agencies real or are they just models?

This sums it up pretty nicely, the majority of men on the Internet were asking me this question seeing photos of my friends on my first website (remember 1998 was a LONG time ago, ecommerce was a new concept and people were scared to pay over the Internet).

A short history here, I wrote my first website Russian Brides Cyber Guide whilst sitting at home heavily pregnant and having nothing to do. After I got married, some of my single Russian girlfriends back home in Russia asked me if I could help them to find a good husband (just like I did - because it's hard to find a good man in Russia), and I said OK, took their photos and bio, and - well, what do I do NOW? So, I wrote a website about Russian women and Russian brides and hoped some people would be interested to read - at the left corner of every page I posted a photo of one of my single Russian girlfriends with the link to a page with her bio, and my idea was, the girls would promote the articles and vice versa, the articles will promote the girls. The whole website was heavily cross-linked, so once you got there, you would stay on the site for a long time, reading and checking the pretty girls.

And this is where I started receiving emails from men, "Are those girls real or just models? Their photos look too beautiful". 

You can appreciate I knew my Russian girlfriends personally and could vouch they were very real, so I was somewhat amused by these questions - until I realized the guys were not joking, they really thought those women were "too beautiful to be true"! They could not believe pretty girls like these could not find a partner. This is why I decided to call my dating site Elena's Models, it's a true story!!

OK, now back to the question, why Russian girls are so beautiful.

The simple answer to this question is:


Think about it, you probably have seen dozens of "makeover" shows where they take an ugly to average looking woman or man and within 10-14 days or less turn them into a total stunner. It's all about grooming, clothes, hair, makeup and style. If you recall 'The Biggest Loser' TV show, you can also remember once the contestants lost weight, they turned into good looking ladies and gentlemen (of course also with the help of a makeover team, new clothes and makeup).

So, you pretty much realize that anyone can look good, if they care to. All that's needed is to slim down and dress up. This is what Russian girls do, they are seldom overweight and they love dressing elegantly. To top this up, for Russian girls makeup is like a toothbrush for you, they will seldom if ever step out of their homes without a proper makeup and hair styling. (I used to put on lipstick to take out the trash! Not kidding.)

My partner used to work in the fashion industry and for years had been attending international fashion shows all over the world (Milan, Vegas, and the list goes on), he says Russians and especially Russian women are easy to spot, they always wear high hills and dress in a "bling and chick" fashion, sparkles, metallic, tight fitting clothes and elaborate shoes. Russian girls DO look like models on podium EVERY DAY. 

Think "Sex in the City", this is how Russian girls dress on a daily basis. Are these actresses really so much more beautiful than normal every day women? No, but when they are all dressed and made up, they surely are.

So, Russian girls are so beautiful because they dress up, do their hair, keep slim and keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. The "Russian girls" dress style is feminine and elegant. High hills are an everyday shoe wear. It's a cultural norm for a woman to be well groomed and if you are not, you are not going to get a boyfriend/husband, or won't be able to keep one.

This is the first reason why Russian girls are so beautiful.

The second reason is in genetics, there are some genetic features that Russian girls exhibit and that are considered very beautiful in the western world but pretty ordinary in Russia. Small nose, high cheekbones, plump lips and round face - all those are normal features of Russian/Slavic genetics, which score high points in the western beauty standard.

For example, I have been told many times I am very beautiful. Believe it or not, this only started when I left Russia, because in Russia I was pretty ordinary! My ideal of beauty was of Greek goddesses, you know, straight nose, small lips, well-defined and strong facial features.

Why Russian girls are so beautiful Greek Goddess
Me My ideal of beauty

You see? Nothing in common. All my life in Russia I was convinced I was pretty average looking, not too ugly, but certainly not "beautiful". 

It's only here in the west that I started to get used to being called "beautiful"; all in all, this word is used much more generously here; in Russia to be called "beautiful" you need to be officially crowned a beauty contest winner! (Well, nearly.)

What can I say about genetics, every nation has certain genetics that are common for all people; for example, African people have dark skin and black curly hair; some African nations have women with big buttocks and short (Zulu in South Africa) and some nations have women slim and tall (Kenya). 

Russian girls genetically have round faces, plump lips, small noses and usually straight hair. Nothing much to add to this.

Another question I have been asked a lot, "Why all Russian girls have long blonde straight hair?" - well, Russian girls just love having their hair long, again, this is a part of the culture for women to have their hair long; some Russian women do cut their hair short but most have it long. 

My take? It's just so much easier to look after a long straight hair than trying to curl it or style a short hair every day. I had my hair long and I had it short, and short is definitely much more trouble!! With a long hair, you just wash it, let it dry naturally and ready to go (takes a couple of minutes to brush) - with a short hair, you are up to 15-20 minutes for styling and you probably need it more than once a day! For me, short hair = hard work. 

Why most Russian girls are blonde? Well, it's probably 50-50 for Russians to be light-haired and dark-haired, but blonde is a popular color and many women dye their hair a tone or two lighter. (I am not a natural blonde. I dye my hair. Sorry to disappoint you!:)) Most women, both Russian and western, don't even remember what their natural hair color is!)

Well, I hope I've answered your question, "Why Russian girls are so beautiful?"

With all my best wishes,


Beautiful Russian girls - why they are so beautiful? Article by Elena PetrovaABOUT THE AUTHOR: 

Elena Petrova is the founder of www.ElenasModels.com and Russian Brides Cyber Guide (www.womenrussia.com). She has a degree in philosophy and a tongue-in-cheek view on the subject of international marriages. Her agency Elena's Models has more than 200,000 clients in 176 countries and is bringing genuine love-seekers together since 1999.

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"My goals became real the moment I signed up to Elena’s models!"

Russian girls success sotryHello Elena, my name is Matteo and I am 30 years old. My wife of 24 and I want to thank you for your wonderful site. 

I decided to use Elenasmodels.com out of frustration in dealing with free dating sites. I subscribed to your website to look for a Russian lady to share my dreams, wishes and heart with.

My goals became real the moment I signed up to Elena’s models. Both Elya and I feel very fortunate to have joined your site. Going online to search for my one and only wasn't an easy challenge, but I can say it was the best decision of my life. What helped was perseverance and self-reflection to discover the type of person that I was and then to realize the type of person that I not only needed in my life, but wanted to be along my side. I think taking the time to know that person as well as arranging to meet within a few months will help the relationship to develop normally. If you’re serious about your intentions and are ready to put in the time then you WILL find your soul mate regardless of how you initially meet. 

Thanx Elena for providing a unique opportunity and thank you Elya for making my life complete. I am full of happiness.

Matty and Elly

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