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Elena Petrovaby Elena Petrova (Elena's Models)

I am extremely excited to introduce to you Marina Smiley, the best-selling author of e-books about dating Russian women (including "Your Russian Bride-The Shocking Truth" and "Sex And Love With Russian Women").

Marina has just released a new e-book called "If You Marry A Russian Woman" and I cannot think of a better book that I could recommend to our male clients who are thinking about meeting a Russian (or Ukrainian) woman for marriage.

It will give you the answers to the question:

What will happen if you succeed in dating Russian women?

Most men start dating Russian women online with the view, "Let me try... Let's see if it works". They rarely think what will happen if they succeed and marry the woman of their dreams because at first, when they begin, it doesn't seem very real. 

But as we at Elena's Models know, this is very real and thousands of couples that met through our site are the living proof it works and in just a few short months you may find yourself married to a beautiful Russian woman.

This is how all fairy tales end, with the wedding! 
But where a fairy tale ends, the real life begins.

And this is where Marina's book "If You Marry A Russian Woman" starts, too - it shows you what happens after your Russian beauty arrives on the American soil (Marina is married to an American) and what you can do to make her adaptation easier.

One thing that I always admired about Marina's books (including this new release) is that they are very practical and down-to-earth.

Way too often today people write "politically correct" opinonless books that do little good for people who read them.

Marina's books are very open and honest and I can only commend her for sticking to her guns and telling it, "as it is".

It's certainly NOT a commercially polished material - it's raw, it's real and it's really helpful.

The tips and advice can save you thousands and this is the type of knowledge you can't get without going through the experience yourself - and Marina has been kind and thorough enough to write it down and list everything she could think about that can be helpful for men and women going through this experience. 

The book is short, practical and to the point. You can read it in one evening and I can guarantee you, your confidence in dealing with Russian and Ukrainian women will increase tenfold with this 100% practical, no-nonsense knowledge.

I recently talked to Marina and asked her some questions about her new book.

book about Russian womenElena: Why did you decide to write this book, "If you marry a Russian Woman"?

A: You see, life is always moving forward, no matter what. Even when the U.S. economy is faltering, people still fall in love and think about marriage. They cannot or will not postpone their life because of economic problems. So, I decided to write this book to help inter-cultural couples smooth the process of starting their new life together (at least from the financial point of view).

Elena: How does your book differ from all other books about Russian women out there?

A: I think it's very different because in my book I offer men an exciting opportunity to look at themselves through their future Russian bride's eyes. I also talk a lot about money-saving tips and opportunities for new migrants that many people in the U.S. don't know about and which I had to discover on my own; it took me years and I wish I knew it all from the beginning! Free private English lessons for your wife are one example (or you can learn Russian for free if you wish). And there is so much more in the book.

Elena: Why would any man consider marrying a Russian woman or Ukrainian woman, or marrying a Slavic woman from the former USSR in general?

A: Why not? They are smart, beautiful, educated, with a serious attitude toward family life. One has to be crazy not to consider one of these women as a future wife))

Elena: What would you say is the message you want to convey with this book?

A: "Read it now and you will thank me later."

Elena: Where is your book sold and what does it cost?

A: My ebook is a downloadable product and only sold on the Internet. It's not available in the bookstores. You can find it here for only $24.95. Considering the fact that this information can potentially save readers hundreds if not thousands of dollars... I think it's worth every penny!:)

Elena: If you could offer ONE piece of advice for men who are looking for a Russian or Ukrainian woman for marriage and are now in the beginning of their search, what would it be?

A: Go for it! There is no doubt about it.

book about Russian women
What will happen if you succeed and marry the Russian woman of your dreams? Find out...




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