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I have had good conversations with several very nice women
My experience in dealing with the women has been pretty good. Of course not every one is interested, but that is life. I have had good conversations with several very nice women. (John, Canada - ID:136363)
The ladies on your site are genuine
[I chose Elena's Models] because I hope the ladies on your site are genuine and not mostly scammers as I have found on many other sites. (Richard, UK - ID:711803)
Your agency is the best compared to others
The way as you treat the CLIENT, the SCAMMERS tracking, plus the WEB design are the best features compared to other Agencies, and the 
most important you have the CONTACT information available in case the CLIENT has any questions. Also, I believe you are the only Agency who has the new USA LAW in place regarding K1/K2 Visas. Your agency is the best compared to others. (Miguel, FL, USA - ID:677157)
An excellent service
The site is a joy to read, easy well managed and a very thorough description of the wonderful ladies of Russia. The sheer amount of ladies alongside the well balanced web pages with easy navigable features unlike other poorly contrived sites. An excellent service unlike other sites which I think could learn an awful lot about integrity from yourselves. WELL DONE! (Sean, UK - ID:858625)
Your site gives me the most confidence
Ladies are beautiful; I like the option of silver membership to get to know the web site, get your personal profile in order before you have to pay. To have the chance to see the ladies, make a favorite list. Your site gives me the most confidence that I'm not being scammed. (John, PA, USA - ID:841669)
I believe that your agency is the best offered
Probably what I like the most about the site is the information that is posted. It was very helpful when I first started looking at on-line agencies. Especially the information about the cultural differences and how to avoid common mistakes. I also appreciate the quality of the women that you choose to offer. I believe that your agency is the best offered. (Justin, TN, USA - ID:204499)
It is possible to get in touch INSTANTLY by phone or email
Your site is very user friendly with the extra photos and detailed descriptions from the girls about their interests hobbies and what they are looking in their future husbands age wise lifestyle wise etc. If their profile matches one's requirements it is possible to get in touch INSTANTLY by phone or email; this is very helpful as time is of the essence in finding ones future bride. (Ben, Uk - ID: 0199477)
High overall rating
I gave you a high overall rating. The women you show periodically who have not gotten a response, should not be regarded as rejectees. Some of them, in fact, are outstanding. I would therefore call them "Still Awaiting a Response". (Edward, WI, USA - ID:595272)
You are way ahead every one else
I like your site. I like the way a guy can know if a lady is interested in him before he spends a credit or money. This I found very useless as a guy would open a letter from a lady just to find out she's not interested. You have a great system, don't change that. I choose you because a friend recommended you to me. I like the way you are upfront about the lady's sincerity. I know there are a lot of bad agencies out there. And they are only in it for the quick buck and then there gone. To build a business you have to look at the future, and by being honest and upfront about your business you are way ahead everyone else. (John, TN, USA - ID:588042) 
The ladies on your web site are very well presented
First of all, the ladies on your web site are very well presented. You bring out the beauty of each in their photographs. They all look very wholesome and desirable. I find those with multiple pictures the most helpful. The information about phone availability is very helpful. I also like the services you provide for meeting the ladies. (Jackson, California, USA - ID:0567442)
It is very good
I think it is very good in the sense that there is many woman participating and photo's are provided. (Stuart, Canada - ID:0901916)
You are genuinely trying to provide a useful and truthful service
What do I like about Elena's? I read a fair amount about your own life Elena and I also read your articles on what women from Eastern Europe are like, what they dream about, etc. What appealed to me was the personal touch. I believe that you are personally involved in the running of this business and that you are genuinely trying to provide a useful and truthful service. On one anti-scam websites your site is described as being honest. I agree. As an example I dislike [competitor A] for their program where they insist every e-mail be translated by them. This means that correspondence is never private, you never find out the e-mail of the lady, and it is quite expensive in the long run. Your comments on what Russian ladies expect, about their dreams and aspirations, etc were all very interesting. Feature I like: I only just found out about your Individual Romance Tour. I feel very uncomfortable with the idea of going to a night club with a bunch of uneducated and rough American men to view hundreds of women in one day. It turns me off completely. Your Individual Tours seem to me to be a very good idea. It would make my next trip much easier. The fact you charge nothing for introducing us to the local partner is exceptional. And the $500 US for the local partner is reasonable. (Nicolas, Canada - ID:0399724)
The quality of the girls and the pictures are excellent
It very clear, easy to access and the quality of the girls and the pictures are excellent. It is also in a standard format. (Johan, South Africa - ID:0378252)
I would certainly recommend Elena's to a Friend
The feature that I like the most in Elena's Model is the detailed search that can avoid you to take hours to find the girl you are looking for . The fact that a non-member can check the ladies' profiles without paying as a member (which give him an idea about the girls that he can meet without paying and then regret...). I would certainly recommend Elena's to a Friend because of nice ladies that they have on their site!!! (Bachar, Canada - ID:0856990)
The women are confirmed and real
I like that I get regular listings of available, interested women. I like also the list I get of women who have not received email lately. The site is very helpful and I appreciate the tips on finding Russian women. That is why I chose Elena's models. The best feature your site has to offer are that the women are confirmed and real. (Robert, Canada - ID:0262782)
An honest site with genuine women
Very classy, genuine ladies. I get the feeling they are legitimate profiles of women seriously interested in corresponding with men for purposes of meeting them. I like the ability to see if your emails have been read plus the history of all the incoming, outgoing, contacts and favorites. Plus being able to tell if the site has been visited in the last 24, 48, 72 hours or 7 , 14 or 30, 60 days. It saves wasting time on 'dead' profiles. I have already recommended the site to several men interested in Russian women. I tell them that I feel it is an honest site with genuine women. It is expensive, but I think once you pay the fees, you don't feel like you have to be so careful in who you contact or worrying about 'budgeting' your contact opportunities. (Kurt, NC, USA - ID:0953156)
I've chosen Elena's Models for your reliability
I've chosen Elena's Models for your reliability. On the scale from 1 to 10 I mark you 9. (Marcello, Italy - ID:0128616)
A great way of meeting people from other countries
I have very much enjoyed the web site. I would recommend it to anyone. It is a great way of meeting people from other countries, even if you don't find your love. (Jonathan, UK - ID:0833110)
The site is genuine and not purely there to make money
The main feature I like is the variety of girls using your site and the fact that there are new additions on a weekly basis. I chose Elena's Models because of the sincerity of the introductory text on your site which gives a conviction that the site is genuine and not purely there to make money but is keenly interested in helping people find true happiness. It is this aspect of your site that I would recommend to others looking for a site. (Robert, UK - ID:0236160)

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