Free Dating Advice for Men Seeking Russian Women for Dating and Marriage

If you are a western man considering a possibility of looking for a partner in Russia, Ukraine or Eastern Europe, here is a piece of advice for you, to make your venture successful.

5 'DONTS' in your search for a Russian woman for marriage:

1. Don't think that Russian women are looking for foreign men just to 'get out of the country'.

Just like you would not want to live with someone you don't like, Russian and Eastern European women are looking for a man that they can like and share home with. If they wanted to simply get out of Russia, they would not have all the requirements they have about the man they want to meet.

Try to send 20 Expressions of Interest to women on our site (you get 20 FREE Expressions of Interest when you simply register on the site), and you will probably have only 5 or 6 positive answers. If the women simply wanted to get out of Russia, all of them would respond positively to you, would not they?

Russian women seek compatible partners, not just a way out of Russia. Remember it when contacting Russian women you meet online.

2. Do not think that Russian women will jump on you just because of your passport.

Many men think a Russian woman will like them simply because they live in a better country. This is, of course, not enough - a Russian woman also expects to be courted and treated with dignity and respect, just like a western woman. 

You have to establish a genuine relationship to be able to bring your Russian fiancée to your country - forget the stories about 'mail order brides', you cannot buy or order a bride!

3. Do not think that Russian women are less intelligent  or less educated than you are.

Some people think Russian women are less educated or less intelligent than women in their country. This is simply not true. In Russia, according to the latest census, more than 60% of women hold a college or university degree.

Men visiting Russia usually say that Russian people are well educated on a variety of subjects and 'very smart'. If you are looking for a woman who is intelligent and educated, it will be easy for you to meet a woman like this in Russia.

4. Do not think that all you need is to send her a ticket and she will come to you tomorrow.

Most people in the west are not aware that it is nearly impossible for a Russian woman to get a tourist visa to United States, Canada or Australia. The are numbers of Internet criminals that prey on this ignorance and contact unsuspecting men through large dating sites, using fake identities and asking for money for visas and tickets. If you ever receive such a request from someone who pretends to be from Russia, the first thing to do is to contact your Embassy in this country and ask them if this person applied for a visa, and whether they have been granted the visa. 99 times out of 100, the person with this name never applied for a visa.

NEVER send money to anyone who pretends to be a Russian woman and asks you for money for visa and tickets! This is the most common Internet dating scam, and these people are NOT real. There were numbers of people arrested for scams like this, including Americans. Read more at

5. Do not use large dating sites if you are looking for a Russian woman for marriage.

Large dating sites work well for people seeking someone locally. They do not work that well when you try to search internationally, and the reason for that are the scams mentioned above. Large dating sites only ask for an email address from their clients, and it is easy for anyone to join - including scammers. Because of that, many large dating sites actually block users from Russia and Eastern Europe - real Russian women cannot join large dating sites because they are in Russia, but scammers still can, because many of them are in fact in the U.S.A. or other western countries, and all they do is to simply state in the profile they are local and later in emails tell you this was a mistake, that they are really from Russia. If you encounter profiles like this on large dating sites, this is a red flag and you must report them to the administration of the site. This is most likely a scam.

So, how can you meet a Russian woman that is real and sincere?

If you are looking for a Russian woman for a serious relationship or marriage, use dating sites that specialize in introductions between western men and Russian women

These sites request much more information from their clients and they check if this information is correct. Most Russian dating sites, including Elena's Models, will give you the facility to get direct email addresses and phone numbers of the ladies they represent. The profiles on the sites are of real women, and have been screened by the agency staff.

We hope these free dating tips will help you to make your search for a Russian woman for marriage successful.

Good luck!

Elena's Models team

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